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    When buying a piece of property, nobody wants to consider the idea that it may one day get damaged. Unfortunately, property damage is just a fact of life for many owners. Obviously, there are many different disasters and incidents than can harm your prized real estate, which is why property damage insurance policies exist. Even with insurance, however, you may find it challenging to actually be reimbursed for the damage. Whether your property damage is due to a negligent party or a natural disaster, you deserve to be compensated -- and the property damage attorneys at JT Legal Group are ready to advocate for your rights.

    Burst pipes are one of the many common types of property damage we assist with!

    Water DamageJT Legal Group will work directly with your insurance

    What Makes a Great Property Damage Lawyer?

    A good property damage lawyer should have certain aspects and qualifications that make them worth hiring. For starters, experience within the wider field of real estate law can give a property damage lawyer a more nuanced and well-rounded understanding of California property law in general. A good California property damage attorney should be willing to litigate against and negotiate with large, potentially intimidating entities such as national insurance companies or property groups. Property damage litigation is often complex, and your attorney should be able to quickly assess your case and help you mitigate any additional damage.

    Why is My Property's Insurance Provider Not Paying?

    So, you’ve done your due diligence, dutifully paying your property damage insurance, and when disaster strikes you still are having trouble being compensated. It’s an all-too- familiar tale that our Los Angeles property damage lawyers at JT Legal Group have heard often. The fact is, property damage insurance policies are fickle. They are very explicit in the type of coverage they do, and do not, provide. Just think about all the different ways a property can be damaged: rain, plumbing, hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfire, arson, vandalism… the list is nearly endless. Additionally, insurance companies are businesses, too. They may try to offer you a settlement that is not actually fair in regards to the extent of damage you’ve endured. In those cases, you need an aggressive and experienced California property damage attorney in your corner.

    Is your insurance company trying to lowball you on proper recovery options?

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    Michael Avanesian

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