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    Turo Accident Law Firm

    In today’s society, modern technology has made traveling as easier than ever. With new advancements like Uber, Lyft, or other Rideshare apps, commuters can travel with ease. However, with the rise of these technologies comes some difficulties. One example can be another form of a rideshare service, Turo. With this program, instead of hailing a taxi ride from another driver, you can actually rent a local person’s car to accommodate your travel needs. While the advancement is popular, many Turo accidents have already been reported.

    Turo Accidents

    The Problem

    Turo is perhaps one of the leading car renting services in today’s society. While this is also one of the only services of its kind (so far), there have already been a number of complaints, including Turo accidents. Many of these include Turo renters getting into accidents, as well as Turo lenders who receive no type of assistance when the renter has severely damaged their car. Even though Turo claims to have an insurance policy of up to $1,000,000, many of these hosts have yet to receive any type of coverage – even months after the claim has been made. In the end, many of these hosts and renters have experienced nothing but negligence from Turo accidents.

    Turo's Insurance Policy

    Guests and hosts with Turo are able to pick out their own “coverage” with the service. For guests, they may pick one of three options:

      1. Premium – In this policy, coverage is offered to the physical damage of the vehicle. This is supposed to cover up to the cash value of the car itself. Moreover, every guest plan is fully, financially-responsible for any interior or mechanical damage. Such coverage provided by Turo is merely “secondary” to your individual insurance.
      2. Basic – Here, this policy will only cover up to the minimum allowance as required by the state where such vehicle is registered. In addition, the physical damage deductible for this policy is $3,00; and
      3. Decline Coverage – Lastly, this policy is much like the “Basic” policy. This policy provides no type of protection for any physical damage, meaning the guest is responsible for all physical damage done to the vehicle. All expenses will be made out of pocket.

    Hosts, however, have slightly different policy options when it comes to Turo coverage:

      1. Booking Period – Coverage for this type of policy is in effect for the entire period of the scheduled trip. This “primary liability coverage” provides up to $1,000,000 in protection for any physical damage done to their vehicle. During this period, no deductible is required unless the “Basic” plan is selected – in this selection, a $3,000 deductible is required.
      2. Delivery Period – This coverage is in effect once the host / designee is delivering the car to the guest, to begin usage. However, this is not in effect during the time the host is retrieving the car back from the guest. Here, their “primary liability coverage” may cover up to $1,000,000, but not for any physical damage done to the vehicle.

    Though the above are forms of some type of protection, the purpose is clear – if they could get out of providing any type of protection for the physical damages to your vehicle, they would.

    Turo Horror Stories

    Though the infamous car rental service was established in 2009, a high-volume of incidents have already been reported. The trouble seems to be especially with hosts who list their luxury vehicles with Turo. In one example, the owners of a 2009 Audi R8 lent the car to a driver for two days. Within two hours before the car was supposed to be dropped off, the renter called the host, notifying them that they had been in a serious accident. Thus, the frustration began.

    SOURCE: Jalopnik

    The Turo Accident Process

    The owners of the Turo had requested a police report, as well as an efficient recovery process from the unfortunate accident. After three attempted calls to Turo, they were then notified that they will be contacted by Turo’s third-party insurance company, the Littleton Group. There, the adjuster had warned a 14-day process time. Months later, the car was deemed a total loss, providing no coverage, nor support for the owners of the R8. While unfortunate, the same thing happened to the owner of a BMW M4. The renter crashed the M4, the host filed a claim with Turo, the Littleton Group reached out to them, months later still no repairs, nor compensation. In another horrifying scenario, some hosts have even experienced having their vehicles stolen from unverified Turo renters.

    Seeking Justice

    While the experiences with Turo seem horrifying, keep in mind an option is always available. Rather than relying on recovery options from the rental company itself, gain efficient efforts from our Turo accident attorneys. If more people knew they could retain with a Turo accident law firm, perhaps more cars would have been saved. Here, our knowledgeable attorneys understand Turo accidents. Our legal team may help you file your claim, set repairs, as well as negotiate a proper settlement for your damages. Don’t settle for less – contact our firm today.

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