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    Seeking Justice for Taxi Accidents

    Rush hour traffic and other obstacles to quick transportation are a major concern in big cities. Such are only some of the reasons that owning a car can be more trouble than its worth. Some folks choose to use public taxi companies that operate in populous cities daily. In cities like Los Angeles and New York, there are often thousands of taxis operating around the city on any given day and each of them should behave responsibly. This means treating each passenger respectfully and not driving with negligence. Unfortunately, many taxi accidents happen in Los Angeles and many are unaware of their rights or legal options.

    taxi accident injuries

    Personal Injuries from Taxi Accidents

    Taxis may cause auto accidents and even fatalities, just like any other major mode of transportation. A major contributor to taxi accidents is a scenario where a taxi driver is driving with negligence and recklessness. This could include something like distracted driving where they text and drive at the same time, drowsy driving where they knowingly drive when they are too tired and even drunk driving when they get behind the wheel and cause an accident after drinking too much. Passengers of both the taxi and a regular vehicle on the road can hold the taxi company responsible for this kind of negligent driving.

    Who to Sue

    Many people are often unaware that cab companies are often required to carry millions of dollars in insurance. This is so these taxi companies may cover the negligent driving decisions of their cab drivers. Moreover, suing the cab driver alone isn't always your only recourse. You can sue the cab company itself, whether you were a passenger in the taxi or you were a passenger in a vehicle that the taxi hit during an accident.

    Taxi Accident Law Firm

    Taxi drivers have a code of conduct they should follow when they are engaging in the business of transporting passengers. They need to be alert, considerate of the laws of the road and abstain from anything that would cause their passengers to feel or experience any kind of threat/danger by them. Accidents are unfortunately frequent, with many taxi drivers putting speed and utter negligence ahead of the safety of their passengers, as well as other drivers on the road. When they do this, accidents happen and such sometimes costs someone their life, livelihood, or safety.

    Seeking Justice with the Taxi Accident Attorneys

    If you've been injured due to a taxi company's negligence, contact contact us immediately.

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