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  • Street Racing Accidents

    All too often, street races happen in Los Angeles. In addition, property and lives are lost during the event.
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    Los Angeles Street Racing Accident Attorneys

    Street racing, a common illegal activity where cars come together to race on the streets, has been made illegal in every state across the country. Though dangerous and unwanted, every state will have different laws and penalties. Even outside the legal consequences for street racing, the physical consequences of an accident can be severely heartbreaking.

    The Alarming Truth

    Unfortunately, street racing has become so common in states like Florida, Texas and California that police have even labeled such as a state-wide epidemic. A street racing accident will sometimes involve an innocent pedestrian, another driver, or a group of innocent bystanders, whether driving or not.

    The Consequences of Street Racing

    Consequence fees largely depend on the jurisdiction the individual lives in, but the fines can reach up to $1,000. Someone killed in a street race could face intense charges anywhere from manslaughter, to negligent homicide. In addition, the identified street racer could face years of prison time. In some cases, the car will be impounded and later destroyed, thus prompting the liable driver to lose his/her license.

    Pursuing Legal Action for Street Racing Accidents

    Those who were injured from a street racing accident may have different legal options available to them, in comparison to those of non-racing car accidents. For example, say an individual was injured due to the reckless actions of a careless street racer. The injured victim may file a civil lawsuit with a street racing law firm in addition to the criminal sanctions faced against the driver. If a loved one was killed by a street racer, the family may be entitled to compensation, seeing as they can file against the street racer.

    Street Racer Fines

    Some of the potential damages that a street racer may have to pay for includes:

      • Wrongful death damages
      • Punitive damages
      • Damages for losing a companion
      • Emotional stress damages
      • Pain and suffering damages
      • Lost wages from an injury
      • All medical bills associated with the accident

    Street racing accidents may bring forth settlements totaling in thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. In some cases, they have climbed into millions of dollars in civil damages - and this doesn’t even include the criminal sanctions a street racer might face.

    Street Racing Accident Victims

    Individuals who were the victim of street racing must obtain as much information from the accident scene, as possible. Such information can include any police reports, the location of the accident, supporting images, videos, any witness contact information, as well as the information of those who caused the street-racing accident. For more information, victims of car and street racing accidents may also refer to our car accident guide. If the victim has sustained serious injuries, he/she should seek medical attention immediately. While the accident may be a lot to take in, as well as a rigorous procedure to seek justice with, these victims must understand they have rights and legal options to pursue a better recovery outcome.

    Pursuing Justice with the Street Racing Accident Law Firm

    Victims of these accidents should consider retaining with a street racing accident attorney. Without the help such a personal injury attorney, the victim(s) may be subject to having their matter dismissed without proper recovery options – in other words, the case may be a mess to handle alone and you may not get the outcome you truly deserve. In addition, filing the necessary claims with the liable insurers, as well as preparing a lawsuit for the accident, may be difficult to do so alone. Having a trusted street racing accident lawyer on your side may help minimize confusion and error.

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