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  • Johnson & Johnson's Baby (Talc) Powder
    Alleged to Causing Cancer

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    About Talc Product Liability

    Talc, or Talcum Powder, is a mineral mainly composed of magnesium, silicon, and oxygen. The mineral is found as a rock, and used as a hygienic powder after being crushed, mined, refined, and dried. Asbestos, another element found closely with Talcum, is known for causing cancerous outcomes. Thousands of people, especially women, have used talcum-infused baby products and powders for centuries -- without knowing the risk of ovarian cancer it causes.

    30 Years of Knowing

    Talc, or talcum powder, is used in cosmetic and personal hygiene products including baby powders, adult powders, body powders, cosmetics, and other consumer products. The product prevents the skin from rashes, absorbs moisture, and even refreshes most materials. Though the product has been used for decades, the number of lawsuits has increased, not to mention the risk of ovarian and endometrial cancers. Apart from the increasing rate of cancer within women, the trusted company has known of the damage for over 30 years. Since then, the company has disputed thousands of ovarian cancer lawsuits caused by their powder and have to replace the harmful ingredients included in their popular powder. Instead of focusing on their loyal customer’s health, the major distributor focused on increasing their market shares.

    Carcinogens in Baby Powder

    Scientists believe that talcum powder along with the trace of its commonly found associate, Asbestos, can travel along the vaginal canal and eventually matriculate to the ovaries where malignancies may ultimately form. Many women were horrified to discover that they were using a product that contained the Asbestos, a well-known carcinogen. Carcinogens are substances capable of causing cancer in living tissue.

    An Uncommon Illness with Common Symptoms

    Ovarian cancer is the most common gynecologic cancer in the United States and is the leading cause of death from gynecological cancers among women. Many women who are often diagnosed with Ovarian cancer, have no family background of having Ovarian cancer. Many women don't usually check for Ovarian cancer, even though the symptoms may come off as normal cramps, lower abdomen pain, dizziness, and other menstral-like symptoms. With such regular symptoms women endure, it may seem nearly impossible to find the warning signs.

    Everyday Products

    Since then, roughly 2,500 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer per year and 1,500 are dying of the disease. Harmful talcum powder can be found in the following commonly used products:

    • Body Powder,
    • Feminine / Genital Washes,
    • Sanitary Napkins; and
    • Body Washes

    $72 Million in Cancer Damages

    The popular “Baby’s Company” recently settled $72 million in damages to a loyal Alabama woman who had been using the product for years. The result was $10 million in actual damages and $74 million in punitive damages. During the trial, Fox’s attorneys argued the company was completely aware of the potential risk that the use of such product causes. Shortly after Ms. Fox’s cancer diagnosis, she passed away. Fox’s son, Marvin Salter of Jacksonville, Fla., took over the claim after his mother’s death in 2015, two years after her cancer diagnosis. A pathologist later found that Fox’s ovaries were inflamed from talc, thus causing the cancer.

    Signs of Ovarian Cancer
    With a relatively uncommon kind of cancer, the illness' early stages sometimes show no symptoms, or symptoms are merely vague and minimal. Sadly, most cases are not diagnosed until the cancer has reached the third or fourth stage, making it very difficult to treat. Epithelial Cancer of the ovaries presents a broad range of mild and nonspecific symptoms, such as:
      • Inability to eat generous portions of food
      • Exhaustion
      • Acid reflux and indigestion
      • Bloating; abdominal discomfort or distention
      • Pressure on the rectum and bladder
      • Vaginal bleeding
      • Constipation
      • Weight-loss
      • Pelvic and Abdominal pain (late stage)

    Seeking Justice
    While many loyal customers have been using the products for years, Johnson & Johnson has yet to display any cancer warnings on their packaging or labels. Carol Goodrich, a Johnson & Johnson spokeswoman, said the company stands by the talc used in all “global products” and they are “evaluating” their legal options. When using a product on one’s genitals, or a baby, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

    Defending Your Best Interests
    If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer after using the powder, contact our firm immediately. Above all, your health is the most crucial element in this discussion. Consider discussing your options with your doctor if concerns arise.

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