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  • Helping Victims of the Anti-Psychotic Drug, Risperdal

    The Risks, The Effects, and What Options Victims Can Take

    For many, medication is necessary to live a normal, healthy life. However, side effects from these medications can be painful and risky. While people suffer through these dangerous side effects, pharmaceutical companies are lining their pockets. If you are beginning to make the connection between Risperdal and the negative side effects that come with this medication, you do have alternatives.

    Treating Mental Health Conditions

    In 1993, the anti-psychotic drug Risperdal was approved for sale in the United States. Risperdal is used to treat those with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and autism. The medicine treats these medical conditions by replenishing dopamine and serotonin levels within one’s brain to improve thinking, mood, and behavior. The drug is usually prescribed to men and young boys.

    Symptoms Following the Consumption of Risperdal

    While such drug is commonly used to treat the young and old, many of these patients end up going through some of the below, commonly found symptoms:

    • • Anxiety
    • • Insomnia
    • • Vomiting
    • • Stomach pain; and
    • • Flu like symptoms including coughing, a runny nose, fever, and sore throat

    While these symptoms may seem common, such can increase rapidly or in greater levels than usual. Many would consider these previously-stated mentions as "the calm before the storm," when comparing these to the drug's other side effects.

    Uncomfortable Side Effects

    Unfortunately, those who were prescribed the medicine endure a number of unwanted side effects including:

    • • Risk of extrapyramidal symptoms (EPS): disorders in moving bodily functions including stiffness, tremor, restlessness, and slow/repetitive involuntary movements.
    • • Risk of increased hormone malfunctions, including leakage in nipples, and males’ breasts to grow abnormally larger than usual (Gynecomastia)
    • • Consistent blood tests must be occurred
    • • Increased risk of cholesterol or blood sugar problems
    • • Hallucinations – imagined voices or visuals that seem realistic
    • • Delusions – believing things that are clearly not true (ex: other people can read your inner thoughts); and
    • • Loss of motivation and communication skills

    For Children and Adults

    For treating schizophrenia, Risperdal may be prescribed to adults and children starting at the age of 13 years old, 10 years old to treat bipolar disorder, and for those who are autistic, Risperdal may be used in children who are anywhere from 5 to 16 years old. Though the drug has been in the market for decades, the number of lawsuits and complaints have rapidly increased.

    An Unfortunate Encounter in Young Boys

    The first lawsuit regarding Risperdal was filed in 2008. It involved six boys who had developed breasts after using Risperdal. All of these boys had to undergo surgery in order to correct the problem. Two boys had to get mastectomies, while the other boys had to endure liposuction at such a young age.

    Hormonal Difficulties

    The drug also can cause hormonal problems. In fact, the drug can cause breast swelling and discharge in both males and females. This prevents normal development during puberty.


    A few kids who are prescribed the drug develop involuntary movements. This side effect is exceptionally severe. It can lead to a condition called tardive dyskinesia. This condition can be lifelong and un-cureable. These children may endure neurological difficulties and develop a weakening immune system. Additionally, Risperdal can cause significant alterations to metabolism, such as insulin resistance. This can make children who take the drug more prone to diabetes.

    Have Doctor's Responded to Its Effects?

    Luckily, many doctors have begun prescribing the drug in very low doses. This can help to reduce side effects, but it doesn't eliminate the possibility entirely.

    The Risks of Taking Risperdal

    To date, 16 deaths have been linked to Risperdal and 37 stroke-like events. Prior studies of the drug resulted in the conclusion of 4 deaths and 29 strokes in a sample study of 764 people taking Risperdal. This evidence shows that not only is Risperdal unsafe, it can lead to death and permanent, irreversible side effects.

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