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    About Hernia Mesh Product Liability

    Every year, over 200,000 U.S. residents experience a bulging pain called a Hernia. This bulging pain is often caused when an organ, intestine, or fatty tissue pushes through a weak spot in the nearby muscle or tissue. Sometimes, the bulge caused by the Hernia can be visible from the outside.

    Abdominal Pain

    The most common types of Hernias are found within the abdominal area. It’s likely for Hernias to become apparent in cases where an individual endures obesity, lifting heavy objects, constipation or diarrhea, or even by persistent coughing and sneezing. According to the FDA, the most common types of Hernias are the following:

    Inguinal: occurs within the inner groin
    Femoral: occurs within the upper thigh/outer groin
    Incisional: occurs through an incision or scar in the abdomen
    Ventral: occurs within the general abdominal/ventral wall
    Umbilical: occurs at the belly button
    Hiatal: occurs inside the abdomen, along the upper stomach/diaphragm

    Recovery Options for Hernias

    While the most effective way to recover from a Hernia may involve surgery, the only other option is to wait patiently. This is only recommended to the patient if Hernias aren’t as common to the individual, and if only approved by their doctor. The surgery option involves two methods:

  • Laparoscopic: This procedure involves having the surgeon make small incisions within the abdomen. This allows the surgeon an opening to repair with their tools.
  • Open Repair: This procedure involves having the surgeon make an incision around the affected Hernia, along with the weak muscle region. If the repair uses sutures that require no mesh, such is then called a ”primary closure”. This is often used to repair Hernias of a small size, even within infants, or infected Hernias.

  • The Problem with Hernia Surgeries

    While surgery may seem the most effective way of resolving Hernias, complications during the procedure happen more often than ever. Many of these implants or procedures often result in:

    • pain
    • infection
    • hernia reoccurrence
    • adhesion (tissue that sticks together)
    • blockage of small or large intestines
    • punctures of other abdominal organs
    • fluid build-up; and/or
    • a hole found within the surrounding tissues/organs (perforation)

    Looking for more information on Hernia Mesh? Scroll below to learn more.

    Hernia Mesh
    When repairing the affected Hernia area of the body, surgeons often use Hernia Mesh as an implant device. Some of these implants are made of mesh, while others are made of animal skin. The implants that are often used from animal skin are mainly collected from cows or pigs. Patients who have requested another, additional hernia procedure are often found filing lawsuits against the Hernia Mesh provider. Extreme un-comfort, pain, and reoccurrence of these Hernias are the main reasons for filing these lawsuits.

    Why Bring a Lawsuit?
    Many of these patients who need additional surgery have brought forth a lawsuit for the main reason being excessive and unwanted discomfort. Many attorneys who support these patient lawsuits argue these hernia mesh products were defectively designed, are causing additional, and unnecessary repairs and further injuries. Moreover, these such additional injuries would not have occurred if a substitute mesh implant product or proper sutures were utilized in the procedure.

    Hernia Mesh Products to Beware of:

      • Bard Davol
      • Atrium C-QUR
      • Ethicon Physiomesh

    Lawsuits in the past with Bard Davol hernia mesh have resulted in an overall $184 million settlement.

    Injuries Listed Within Hernia Mesh Lawsuits:

      • Adhesion (when scar-like tissue sticks to internal tissue)
      • Bowel Obstruction
      • Infection
      • Mesh Failure
      • Migration (moving from where it was originally implanted)
      • Perforation of organs or tissues
      • Seromas (pockets of liquid) which require surgery
    Defending Your Rights
    Medical manufacturers of these devices are initially trusted to design products safe enough for those patients who are suffering. It’s almost inhumane how one may think their Hernia has been resolved, when in fact the problem was merely delayed, and reoccurred with additional pain. If you, or someone you love was affected by the Hernia Mesh implant, contact our firm immediately. Here, our leading group of Los Angeles Product Liability Attorneys will be able to help further assist you in defending your rights. We can help you answer any questions you may have, as well as help you pursue your next best option.

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