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    Defending Victims of HopSkipDrive Accidents

    Today’s rideshare apps are not only convenient for daily use, but for parents as well. While some rideshare apps like Uber or Lyft may not be the first choice for parents, others have trusted the mother-owned rideshare service, “HopSkipDrive.”

    HopSkipDrive Accidents

    About HopSkipDrive

    The service was established in hopes of providing safe pick up and drop offs for children, or better known as California’s Uber for kids. With caregivers, moms and babysitters as drivers, the overall service is intended to provide safety to their users. This is especially true since all drivers, or “CareDrivers,” must go through a 15-point certification process. With many parents needing rides for their kids, it’s no wonder the service achieved 50,000 rides since January. With such an increase in demand, HopSkipDrive has also expanded towards San Francisco and Colorado.

    HopSkipDrive Accidents

    Accidents happen every single day. The likelihood of a rideshare getting into an accident is very likely. When this happens, what are you to do? If your children got into an accident while riding with HopSkipDrive, what would you do? HopSkipDrive does offer a $1 million liability coverage which covers their “CareDrivers” who are on the way to pick up the passenger, to the moment they have been dropped off. Dependent on the circumstances of the situation, the rideshare driver’s or another third-party insurance company may become involved. Usually these rideshare services are equipped with a policy that should cover the passengers, third-party victims, as well as the rideshare driver.

    Injuries from a HopSkipDrive Accident

    If you, someone you love, or an opposing driver becomes injured, it’s important to address this immediately following the accident. This includes calling the authorities or an ambulance service, if needed. Another factor to remember is to report the accident and any injuries that were sustained from the impact. Report the accident to HopSkipDrive by using the app or even by doing so online. Third parties that were involved (surrounding pedestrians, drivers, etc.) and were injured, should also report the accident. If the authorities arrive to the scene of the accident, be sure to obtain a copy of the police report.

    Pursuing Litigation with Rideshare Companies

    In the event your case has escalated to something of a more intense degree, we can help. Sometimes these rideshare or insurance companies will try their absolute best to get you the lowest possible settlement, or even nothing at all. If you were in a situation where the other party was clearly liable for their actions and they are being unreasonably willing, we can help assert your importance to the debate. Our knowledgeable legal team has years and years-worth of experience when working with these types of companies. By doing so, you may save yourself from an unreasonably low settlement.

    The HopSkipDrive Accident Law Firm

    Trusting another service to transport your kids to their destination safely, is a huge responsibility. Any kind of mistake will have many parents on a rampage. We understand what it’s like to get into a car accident and we know how we can help. While we can’t speak for all law firms, JT Legal Group is truly here to help. Rather then going about the accident alone, you can have our trusted legal team defend your best interests. Here, your attorney will evaluate the extent of the damages, help schedule any necessary medical treatment appointments you may need, assist you by filing your claim with the responsible insurers, as well as negotiating a fair and proper outcome for the injuries and damages you’ve faced. By going about the whole process without a HopSkipDrive accident attorney, you may be allowing yourself to get belittled or rejected from the liable parties, knowing you deserve better. Our trusted legal team can help defend your interests, as well as negotiate for any ongoing damages, medical bills, lost wages, lost income, as well as for any pain and suffering you’ve endured.

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    Jack Tersaakyan

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