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Over $2,200,000,000 Recovered in Verdicts & Settlements

$27 Million

Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice

After suffering neurological damage, our skilled attorney was able to secure a significant compensation for the physician's negligence.

$4.4 Million

Delivery Truck Accident

Delivery Truck Accident

Receiving mail shouldn't have to be so difficult. With the help of our team, we achieved a settlement for our injured client.

$1 Million

Rideshare Accident

Rideshare Accident

Commuting with a trusted driver shouldn't have to end in injuries. After working around the clock for months, we're proud to have won this for our client.

$45 Million

Car Accident

Car Accident

Following a rear-end collision that caused harm to a young child, our diligent team successfully obtained a $45 million recovery for our client.

$2.5 Million

Car Accident

Car Accident

We strive to defend our clients from other's negligence. After enduring both property and physical damage, we were able to win $2.5M.

$2.2 Million

Transportation Accident

Transportation Accident

Our client is well-deserving of the $2,254,000 settlement from their transportation accident.

$12.2 Million

Personal Injury

Personal Injury

Our attorneys secured a significant compensation for our client who suffered severe injuries while working in hazardous conditions.

$1 Million

Nursing Home Accident

Nursing Home Accident

Negligence can be found in any atmosphere. We diligently work hard to protect the rights of those in need. We were honored to help our client succeed.

$1.1 Million

Rear-End Accident

Rideshare Accident

Being at a complete stop on the highway, our client was rear-ended. Fortunately, we were able to help our client recover.

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At JT Legal Group, our California personal injury attorneys understand that one accident can create physical, mental, emotional and financial burdens for years to come. The injuries you’ve sustained and suffered through may result in permanent physical limitations that prevent you from returning to work, performing routine daily tasks like household chores and enjoying time with your friends and family. To make matters even worse, accident-related medical bills coupled with the inability to work can deplete your finances and threaten your family’s future.

Our dedicated legal staff is so confident we can support your case that we work on no contingency. This means there are no upfront fees for working with our law firm on your accident case. JT Legal Group focuses on having a direct effect on individuals’ and families’ everyday lives. Every day, we fight for the rights and proper compensation of people who have been injured in accidents. When it comes to navigating personal injury law in California, JT Legal Group’s 30+ combined years of stellar legal work speaks for itself.

You deserve legal representation that genuinely has your best interests at heart. Give us a call or drop by for a visit, and you’ll see that our friendly and professional staff carries out exactly that standard of client care, day in and day out.

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