Pawnee Fire Grows to 13,700 Acres

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California is no stranger to intense wildfires, but the Pawnee Fire that’s going through Lake County is definitely one to be aware of. Since the fire started, it has wreaked havoc on 22 buildings and poses a threat to some 600 more. While no lives have thankfully been lost to the fire and no one has been injured, it still poses a substantial threat to residents in the Northern California region.

Investigating the Cause

How the fire came about has yet to be determined. Last year, fires in California claimed the lives of more than 40 people and destroyed some 7,000 buildings. The culprit seemed to have been the Pacific Gas & Electric Company, due to faulty power lines and conductors. While no one single source of origin has been determined for how the fire started here, there are many ways it’s still spreading. These affected areas include noticeably high temperatures within region, as well as very strong winds.


Though no one has been harmed by the fire, there have been plenty of evacuations. Over 1,500 residents have been safely brought out of their homes. Lower Lake High School in the city of Lower Lake is being used as a shelter. While plenty of people are agreeing to the evacuations, others are opting to stay where they are. However, experts and officials advise anyone who has the means to evacuate should do so. Fires such as these can be very dangerous, as they are highly unpredictable. Such a turn can just be a matter of strong winds at the right angle that can make a difference between life and death. For anyone who wants to keep themselves and they’re family safe, they are better off finding safe harbor in a shelter.

California in Flames

Part from the Pawnee fire, there are other fires going on in California, as well. While the Creek Fire in Shasta County and the Lane Fire aren’t as intense as the Pawnee one, they are still worth tracking. This all speaks to the profound dangers of wildfires and how easily they can spread ” especially during this beginning of summer.


For California, these fires can be rather expensive. Last October’s fires resulted in over $9 billion in insurance damage claims. For those who live in areas that are susceptible to wildfires, it can be difficult to even be approved for fire insurance.

Fire Damage in the Long-Run

In the long-term, this could have a very negative effect on California. Additionally, people might be reluctant to move to or stay in the state. Even if they’re living in a region that isn’t known for wildfires, there could still be a potential fire risk. The costs of home insurance, as well as fire insurance alone, in a state like California could give someone an everlasting headache.

Who is to Blame?

The most important thing about fires isn’t necessarily about putting them out and compensating those who were affected by them. It’s really more about keeping them from happening in the first place. Accountability is essential when it comes to preventing wildfires. Research shows that people are playing with fire (literally) by building homes in areas that are known for fires. There are also man-made causes, such as indifference or arson, making fires spread.

Climate Change

Then, there’s the issue of climate change. As temperatures rise, so does the potential of wildfires. In California, which is already a very hot state, such heat advancements are the perfect way for fires to spread. Dry heat and fire aren’t a good combination. For anyone looking for long-term solutions to fires, it’s important to consider our own impact.

Preparing for the Worst

We can be thankful that the current fire situation in California isn’t as disastrous as it could be. With no lives lost and further containment, it should hopefully be resolved. However, there is the future to consider. 22 buildings have been destroyed and more could be damaged in the process. This also doesn’t preclude the chance of further fires. Another, even bigger one could blaze through the region just days later.

Thinking Smarter, Not Harder

Further education for people about fire safety is mandatory. Even if you’re not in California or another wildfire-heavy area, you could still be at risk. Should you learn of or see unsafe fire practices, report them immediately. You could make a huge difference for yourself and your community. Fire can be an immensely powerful and useful tool. Although, this shouldn’t be something that devastates a community and causes the loss of any lives. We can use the fires in California as an important lesson of how to use nature to benefit us, without destroying our land and lives in the process.

Legal Support for Fire Victims

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