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  • Motorcycle Accidents

    Jun 01, 2018
    Motorcycle Accidents
    Motorcycle Accidents
    in Personal Injury, JT Legal Group Blog

    Motorcycle Accidents: Recovering from the Wreck

    Did you, or someone you love, become injured while riding your motorcycle?
    If so, we can help: (888) 529-3111

    MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENTS – the two words can prompt a strong reaction when combined. Those who ride motorcycles are certainly aware of the risk, yet they may not always have the intentions to act safely. This is especially true in California, one of the only states in the nation that allows lane-splitting for motorcyclists. Even if motorcyclists do intend on driving safely, other negligent drivers on the road may beg to differ.


    The first rule of what to do in any accident scenario is to address and tend to the injured parties. It’s not difficult to imagine the exposure the bike rider has when involved in a collision with another motor vehicle. Unlike the car driver who is enclosed in a steel cage with protective armor surrounding, the biker is unprotected - except for a helmet and perhaps some protective clothing. Remember, the biker faces injury not only from the collision with the other vehicle, but also from the impact with the road surface and (very likely) from skidding along the floor’s surface. This is typical of most motorcycle accident scenarios. More detailed information on what to do following the scene of an accident can be found in our car accident guide.

    Latent Injuries

    Many injuries are readily apparent such as broken bones or abrasions and contusions. More insidious, however, are what are known as latent injuries. Latent injuries may take several days or longer to manifest, as head injuries are among the more common examples. If you have been injured, seek treatment from a competent medical professional and follow the recommended treatment schedule.

    Understanding Insurance Company Bias

    In all seriousness, it probably comes as no surprise that insurance company adjusters will look to any reason to deny liability when a claim is filed. After all, insurance is a business and paying out after acknowledging liability on the part of their insured, impacts the company’s bottom line. Simply put, they don’t like to pay claims because it costs them money.

    Motorcycle Accident Law Firm

    If you, or someone you love was injured while riding their motorcycle, contact our firm immediately. Here, our legal team will be able to answer any questions you have, as well as assist you in beginning your motorcycle accident claim. Our personal injury attorneys may be able to successfully navigate the best option for your unique situation, as well as help you negotiate for a proper settlement for your damages and injuries.

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    Michael Avanesian, Esq.
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