Hit-and-Run Motorcycle Accident Reported in Bloomington, CA

At least one person sustained injuries after an alleged hit-and-run collision on Cedar Avenue in Bloomington.

According to the California Highway Patrol group, a motorcycle rider crashed into a parked vehicle. Reports said the incident took place in the 9759 block of Cedar Avenue in Bloomington shortly after 1:35 a.m.

When emergency medical personnel arrived at the scene, they found the motorcyclist with injuries. They rendered aid to the victim, but eventually transported the rider to a hospital for further treatment. Authorities continue to withhold the identity of the injured rider pending confirmation.

The CHP group later reported that another motorist was involved in the collision but then fled the scene. Authorities believed a second driver possibly caused the motorcyclist to careen towards the parked vehicle.

The CHP group continue to work at this time to determine several factors surrounding the motorcycle crash in Bloomington.