Montecito Mudslide Leaves Thousands of Pounds of Mud

The recent environmental problems of wildfires and long-term rains in California have had a severe impact on the Montecito and Santa Barbara County region. These sudden catalytic events were following a trauma that has been termed the “Montecito Mudslide”. Tons of mud was dislodged during the landslide that picked up countless remnants of property as it made the way to lower ground. Th damage left in the wake of massive mud movement has created a life-altering scenario in Santa Barbara, in what was formerly one of the most beautiful areas of California.



How the Mudslide Happened

Much of Santa Barbara County experienced extensive wildfires that seemingly appeared from nowhere for a number of weeks, as many homes were burnt completely. The fires also occurred in conjunction with the Santa Ana winds experienced every year in Southern California. Record-breaking fires combined with the intense wind made the entire area a tinder box of wildfires that could be fully engulfed in short order with the right wind catalyst. A huge swath of land in the county was also affected, which in turn loosens the earth in the affected areas where continual burning occurred. This set the stage for what would happen when the heavy rainfall finally began.



After the Mudslide

The result of the rain impact was that the loosened earth began to break away from the subsoil, leading to a massive movement of the muddy top soil. The natural forces of gravity then allowed the mud to slide down the hilly and cavernous countryside, taking with it everything in the path as the slide intensified. The final result was that many of those residents whose homes were not affected by fire were the recipients of massive mudslide damage to their homes. All of those affected were then left with no recourse but to file property damage claims with their insurance providers.

SOURCE: New York Times



The Recovery Process

Local residents and community government agencies immediately began clearing roadways and property accesses so local residents could begin the recovery to some level of normality. Even those residents whose homes were not affected still knew of people who were victims of the mudslide, as the cleanup became a community process. In addition, the cleanup included much more than merely removing mud from areas of damage that included both homes and roadways. Mudslides are assuredly equal opportunity actors when it comes to causing damage, as much of the mud is also littered with a huge amount of debris accumulated during the course of the downhill slide.


Personal Recovery Insurance Issues

One of the biggest problems homeowners will be facing when attempting to recover after the mudslide, is dealing with their insurance companies. Even those who have solid claims could still have difficulty dealing with insurance companies. Most of these monstrous insurers are always looking for any technicality they can find to lessen the value of a well-deserved claim. Moreover, the scrutiny of each claim can increase in a disaster like this because some insurance companies will have a mudslide of claims, so to speak, when all of the property owners begin claims during the same financial quarter.


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How a Property Claim Attorney Can Help

Insurance companies often handle claims differently based on whether or not the client retains legal counsel. Gaining legal representation is beneficial for these victims to ensure their legal rights to recovery and settlement are maximized to the best extent possible. Merely agreeing to any compensation amount the insurance company will allow, almost always results in a lower settlement amount. An experienced insurance claims attorney can investigate the damage on behalf of the client and act as the official negotiator (who could potentially represent the claim if a case goes to court). This can be especially important when a disaster occurs because of the number of claims an insurance company will handle at one time. For insurance companies, the damage control becomes a general, overall financial loss protection process.


Don’t let an insurance company deny you full compensation for a well-deserved home damage claim, regardless of the situation. Always retain a knowledgeable insurance claims attorney who understands the tactics used by insurance providers, as well as how to craft a solid claim for their clients.


In Business to Defend Your Best Interests

Were you, or someone you love, a victim of the recent Montecito Mudslide? If so, we want to help. The Thomas Fire was California’s most destructive fire ever recorded in modern Californian history. In return, heavy mudslides formed from the debris that would have usually been absorbed by plants and other natural foundation… which unfortunately burned to loose ash and debris. We can’t believe the affected area came back for a round two, taunting Southern California residents who just survived one of the deadliest fires ever in California. Our firm does property damage claims, and we do it well. Please, if you were affected, give us a call today. Don’t Settle for Less. You truly deserve more.

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