Multi-Vehicle Collision Reported on I-5 Freeway

Four vehicles were involved in a collision that resulted in minor injuries on Tuesday morning in Solana Beach. 

Per CHP, the crash occurred around 8:20 a.m. within the southbound lanes of the I-5 Freeway. 

Two BMW’s, a Volkswagen, and an unspecified fourth vehicle crashed near Lomas Santa Fe Driver. 

One of the BMW’s acquired major damage as a result and was unmovable as a result. 

It is unclear at this time what led up to the accident and how many people suffered injuries. 

Tow trucks were also needed to remove two vehicles from the scene. 

Investigators are actively working to determine fault. 

Multi-vehicle collisions are typically more common in busy intersections or highways. Speeding, weather, distractions, and drowsy or intoxicated driving are main reasons negligent drivers cause these types of wrecks. 

When it comes to filing a claim with this type of collision, it gets difficult. This is because multiple vehicles are involved so determining liability can take much longer. Multi-vehicle collision claims are more complex due to numerous victims, multiple negligent drivers, cross-claims and insufficient insurance.

If your injuries are caused by the negligence of a third party you may be entitled to compensation.

It is also important to remember that in the state of California a person involved in a car accident who has sustained injuries has to file a claim within two years of the accident. 

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