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  • Mandatory Evacuations - Burbank Mudslide Attorney

    Jan 15, 2019
    Google Map data 2019
    Mandatory Evacuations - Burbank Mudslide Attorney
    in Insurance Claims, Fire Damage, Property Damage

    Mandatory Evacuations near La Tuna Fire area

    Burbank Mudslide Attorneys

    Mandatory evacuations have gone into effect for multiple neighborhoods in Burbank due the possible mudslides that may occur from current weather conditions. Many of these neighborhoods were also affected by the La Tuna Fire, which rapidly burned through the Verdugo mountains in September 2017. Mudslides, mud flow, and debris flow are expected within the week.

    Mandatory Evacuation Areas

    Mandatory evacuations cover the areas from County Club Drive to Sunset Canyon. ABC reports that the following areas are under voluntary evocation warnings:
    >> All of Hamline Place
    >> 925-1030 Groton Drive
    >> 830-849 Stephen Road
    >> 907-936 Irving Drive
    >> 2906 & 2934 Olney Place
    >> 2934 Remy Place
    >> 2949 Mystic View Place
    >> 3430-3436 Brace Canyon Road
    >> 3301-3310 Brookshire Court
    >> 3318, 3321, 3322, 3422 Wedgewood Lane
    >> 3514-3519 Folkstone Court
    >> 3529-3530 Castleman Lane

    An evacuation site has been established at McCambridge Recreation Center, 1515 N. Glenoaks Blvd., Burbank CA 91504. Public Safety Services has made announcements that if residents do not evacuate, it is unlikely that they will reach them if roads become impassable due to mud, debris, or fast flowing water. If homeowners come across mud flow, debris flow, or flowing water, they are advised not to try and cross or drive a vehicle through it, but rather find shelter.

    Officials say that Burbank has also shut down the Stough Nature Center and Wildwood Canyon hiking and recreation areas. "Residents are advised that if they do not evacuate, Public Safety Services may not be able to reach them in an emergency due to impassable roads," city officials said in a statement. "If you see significant mud, debris, or fast flowing water, do not try to cross it or drive a vehicle through it. Shelter in place or avoid for your safety."

    Mandatory Warnings

    National Weather Service Burbank Police Department
    ABC Evacuation Orders
    Los Angeles Times Evacuation Areas
    KTLA Evacuation Areas

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