Jack Ter-Saakyan Founder of JT Legal Group

Jack Ter-Saakyan is the founding partner of JT Legal Group, APC. Jack completed his undergraduate studies in 2003 at UC Davis where he majored in American Studies and Minored in Chicano Studies. Jack then attended Law School at People College of Law and graduated in 2009.

Mr. Ter-Saakyan has always admired the judicial system and he aspired to be someone people turned to when they needed help.  He mentions, “The judicial system does not work without attorneys.” Growing up he watched many of his family members deal with the system and began to shadow attorneys that were helping. From there, his love for the practice of law continued growing. He has accomplished his goals by becoming the lawyer he is today. Jack holds bar admissions from the California State Bar Association, Federal Bar Association, and American Bar Association. He is now one of the preeminent attorneys in California that people turn to in their time of need.

Mr. Ter-Saakyan embarked on his own mission by forming a law firm centered around criminal law, and one centered around consumer protection, primarily real estate law focusing on wrongful foreclosures. The more people Mr. Ter-Saakyan helped, the more he realized there was a clear need in the community for ethical personal injury attorneys. He has since transformed his law firm into one of California’s preeminent personal injury law firms, servicing clients in all walks of life. Successfully securing millions in settlements from those who have been injured by the negligence of others.

Outside of work, Mr. Ter-Saakyan enjoys spending quality time with family and friends. He loves to be outdoors doing activities such as fishing, enjoying the simple things in life.

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