LA Named the Third Most Accident Prone City

Los Angeles was recently named the third most accident prone city in the country according to one survey which measured which cities in the United States had the highest accident rates. The only cities in the country that had higher accident rates than Los Angeles were Columbus, Ohio and St. Louis, Missouri.  The survey was conducted by QuoteWizard, an online insurance comparison tool.

The survey looked at drivers who had obtained their motor vehicle liability insurance through QuoteWizard and examined accidents reported by these drivers.  The statistics reflected in this survey are unfortunately consistent with the findings of many other statistical compilations, which all point to the same conclusion: that Los Angeles is a very dangerous place to drive a car.

This has occurred despite the fact that former Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti pursued a plan to reduce the number of traffic deaths in the city during his more than five years in office as the city’s mayor. Despite the pursuit of this goal by Mayor Garcetti’s office, Los Angeles has actually become a more dangerous place in which to operate a motor vehicle. Los Angeles is simply notorious throughout the country for horrible traffic and one of the unfortunate side effects of this is that there are more accidents in Los Angeles than almost any other city in the country.

Los Angeles: A Dangerous Place to be a Motorist

This survey only confirms what any Southern California resident knows: Los Angeles is an extremely dangerous place to drive a car. Not only are there accidents in the city every day, but many of these accidents involve injuries or even deaths as a result of the motorist’s negligence.

Anyone who drives on the city’s congested roads on a daily basis knows how dangerous doing so can be. Any Los Angeles driver who has become stuck on the 405 or other area roads for hours at a time due to a wreck that involves injuries or even a fatality can attest to how bad Southern California’s roads are.

This QuoteWizard survey simply serves to confirm also what any Los Angeles driver could have already told you. Driving in the area simply requires motorists to exercise even more caution than drivers in other parts of the country where traffic is less heavy and accidents more rare. This unfortunate distinction means that Los Angeles drivers often pay more for car insurance and are more likely to be the victim of someone else’s negligence on the road.

Accidents Are Increasing Despite Former Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Vision Zero Program

Several years ago, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti instituted a program called Vision Zero in an effort to reduce the number of accidents and resulting injuries and deaths as a result of traffic and motor vehicle accidents in Los Angeles.  The program originally started with the ambitious goal of reducing to zero the number of traffic/motor vehicle related deaths in the city by 2025. The program seems to have had the opposite effect, with the number of fatalities having increased 43 percent from 2014 during the first full year of Vision Zero.

Perhaps it is unsurprising that an April 2018 report noted that, without much fanfare, the Mayor’s office had reduced the number of initiatives it was pursuing as a result of the program, presumably as a result of the lack of success the program was having. The problem may simply be intractable in that Los Angeles has horrible traffic and its accident rate is simply destined to be higher than in other major cities no matter what politicians, elected officials and regulators may attempt to do.

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