LA is the #1 City in the World with the Worst Traffic

California’s Congested Traffic

Anyone who has driven in Los Angeles traffic knows that it is no joke. That’s why no one in Los Angeles was surprised when the city was labeled the most congested city in the world by Inrix. What caused Los Angeles to receive this title? Again? Below, we’ll discuss Los Angeles traffic, as well as what may be causing the city’s traffic-congestion problem.


Why Los Angeles has Such Horrible Traffic

One of the easiest explanations as to why Los Angeles has such a traffic problem is that the city alone has a lot of people. A city with such a high population is bound to have a lot of people on the road. It’s estimated there are around 7,000 people per square mile of the city. Several sources state there are around 3 – 4 million people in the city. As Los Angeles continues to grow, so does its traffic problem. So, why don’t people take public transportation?


Why Don’t People Take Public Transportation?

Los Angeles has a surprisingly effective public transportation system. In fact, more people have access to public transportation in Los Angeles than any other city in the United States. However, only 25% of individuals take the bus. With people choosing to drive instead of take public transportation, the roads are more congested than necessary. Though traffic alone is chaotic, taking public transportation can sometimes feel hectic, as well. Sometimes people don’t feel comfortable with the atmosphere of underground train stations, being in a bus for too long, or being stuck in traffic in a bus. It seems almost as though running away from traffic in Los Angeles is almost impossible.


Why Isn’t this the First Time LA has been Ranked So Horribly?

Los Angeles has had the world’s worst traffic congestion for the 6th year in a row. With such a clear problem on their hands, why hasn’t this been fixed? Los Angeles has grown in population substantially over the past years. The city has officially hit the 4 million mark, as well as being the second most populous city in the United States. With the population growing, many people have wondered why the city doesn’t add more freeways. Unfortunately, the city is so dense that they do not have the room to add for freeways. In fact, there hasn’t been new construction since the popular Pasadena Freeway in the 1970’s. Freeways are extraordinarily expensive, causing many government officials to prioritize other goals. Unfortunately for drivers, the population keeps growing. More and more people are on the roads, yet there are no new roads. Los Angeles has suggested many options for a solution without much promise. One of the options was to raise the cost of parking to discourage people to drive. Another option was to make drivers install an app that will direct them to their location without using the freeway. While many other options have come about, there has been no true way, nor proposal, to avoid traffic.

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