Mohammad is the Supervising Attorney for the Pre-Litigation Department at JT Legal Group. Mohammad directly oversees and maintains the personal injury department during the pre-litigation phase. He specializes in VIP cases where there are catastrophic injuries involved.

Mohammad graduated with honors from UC Santa Barbara with a major in Political Science and moved onto Southwestern Law School. While in law school, Mohammad worked pro-bono for the Council on American Islamic Relations providing advocacy work for Muslim Civil Rights. Mohammad passed his California Bar on the first attempt in 2017.

Prior to JT Legal Group, Mohammad worked for a defense firm for Nationwide Insurance. During his time there, he learned the ins and outs of how insurance companies handle injury claims. His experiences ultimately led him to the personal injury field because he is passionate about helping others. Since joining JT Legal Group, Mohammad has worked in various departments aside from personal injury. He helped stop hundreds of homes from being foreclosed by presenting arguments, filing paperwork, and advocating for his clients.

Mohammad now uses his knowledge to overcome the blocks that insurance adjusters frequently use to deny claims. He has experience with overturning denied liabilities, uninsured motorist coverages, and wrongful death. He has been able to achieve million-dollar settlements and is eager to continue to get justice for all his clients. He is all about helping clients who are in a tough situation. Most recently, Mohammad helped a client receive a 1.2-million-dollar settlement.

In his free time, Mohammad likes to exercise and spend time with his friends and family. He takes time to contribute to his community by doing volunteer work and donating. Mohammad is fluent in both English and Arabic. He is also a certified lifeguard. Mohammad is excited to grow within JT Legal Group and expand to many fields.

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