Lisset Jacquez

Litigation Secretary

Lisset is a Paralegal to Anahit Ter-Mambreyan, Esq. Prior to working at JT Legal Group, she gained skills and comprehension from prior personal injury law firms. She began her career as a File Clerk advancing into a File Room Supervisor and then into a Lien Negotiator. Her present opportunity at JT Legal Group has helped her in gaining knowledge as a Calendar Clerk and a Paralegal. These opportunities have helped in launching her career of 11 years, in the legal field. Before working in the legal field, Lisset gained interpersonal and professional skills as a pharmacy clerk, as well as financial wisdom from the life insurance services and investments industry. Enthusiastic to always apply her skills and gain new ones, she continues to grow her ability to comprehend, study, develop and apply techniques acquired. Passionate about Life and People. She continues to strive with empathy to provide the upmost attention to clients she provides services for. With her fluency in English and Spanish, she has the ability to provide specialized services to clients who need assistance with their case. With her willingness to learn more, she is currently learning the Italian language. When Lisset is not working, she loves to spend time with her husband, family, close friends, especially her toddler. She believes kids are simple and amazing. On her spare time, she also likes to exercise, dance, read, cook, bake, and learn Italian. Lisset understands value in the present, therefore her motto is; life is beautiful, one must live it every day.

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