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Hope Delabar is the Prelitigation Director at JT Legal Group.

As the Prelitigation Director, Hope directs and delegates the pre-litigation caseload from intake to settlement demand under the supervision of attorneys. She works closely with our team of case managers and assistants to ensure that clients and their cases are receiving the best possible attention and that cases are progressing smoothly. She also provides team training and helps to monitor firm operations.

Having a background in mortgage lending, Hope has combined her understanding of risk analysis and compliance underwriting with her passion for personal injury law. It was after the mortgage crisis in 2008 that she decided to pursue a career in the legal industry and enroll in a paralegal course. Her first law firm experience was as a receptionist for the Law Offices of Jeffrey McIntyre. Soon after she would juggle two jobs, also collecting medical records and writing settlement demands for the Southwest Law Center. It was that early on that her passion for evaluating medical records and making arguments on behalf of injured clients was birthed and over the years she would pick up more in-depth experience as a case manager, paralegal and negotiator at various firms. Her attention to detail combined with over 12 years of A-Z personal injury experience has given her a true forte for evaluating cases and bringing out their strengths.

To date, Hope’s largest prelitigation settlement was a $2.015M settlement involving a catastrophic injury caused by a defendant carrying a minimal liability policy yet was also in the course and scope of employment. One of her more recent settlements was a $1.3M combined settlement in an adverse liability case with a Prop 213 driver where the most injured passenger was not even wearing his seatbelt.

Outside of work, Hope enjoys spending her time serving the homeless community. She is also currently working toward obtaining a chaplain certificate with the hope of bringing strength and reform to women and youth in incarceration.

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