Dorrina Aghhavani – Shajari is Litigation Paralegal to Melina Shahbazian, Esq here at JT Legal Group. Majoring in Psychology with a Minor in English, she began working in the legal field as an intern at the age of fifteen. Realizing at a very young age that she had a strong passion for helping humanity; she decided to pursue understanding not only the human mind and its functions, but also the law that structures our society. In 2022, Dorrina applied to State Bar of California Law Office Study Program to pursue an apprenticeship through JT Legal Group to take the State Bar Exam and pursue her dreams of becoming an Attorney. She is a lover of all things kind, organic, enlightened, mystical, puppies, hugs, and making a difference, Dorrina “loves being a happy little Paracanthurus hepatus (DORY) in a sea of sharks.” In her free time, she volunteers with a Non-Profit Organization in Los Angeles where she assists with providing care to the homeless. She enjoys traveling, learning new things, DIY projects and crafts, aerial yoga, self-development, human rights, empowerment, and constantly strives to manifest the utmost best for herself and those around her.

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Working as a lawyer involves practical application of abstract legal theories and knowledge to solve specific individualized problems.


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