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Bryan is part of our Client Relations Department at JT Legal Group/ Luchadores Legales. Bryan speaks directly with clients, determining their needs, medical history, physical and/or mental state, essentially obtaining all the details and information for our clients when calling in. Bryan is bilingual, being fluent in Spanish and English. Prior to working with the firm Bryan worked for AT&T as an In Home Expert for 2 years. He attended Miguel Contreras Learning Complex – School of Social Justice; as a high school student, he was very attentive to each sport that the school put forward, but not at all drifting from his education. Education is very important for Bryan, his interest to remain focused in developing new skills, and knowledge, has helped him develop his personal growth and apply those skills to his work performance. When Bryan is not in the office, he loves to plan out dates with his kids, like going on new adventures, exploring new places they all have never been, just enjoying any time spent with his friends and family.

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