Alivia is a Pre-Litigation Attorney at JT Legal Group.

She grew up outside of Boston, Massachusetts and moved to Upstate New York for college and completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Economics at Syracuse University. While at Syracuse, she was a Division I Cheerleader, which allowed her to travel all over the country for games and appearances. Ultimately, California stole her heart, and she moved to San Diego following graduation to begin her degree in law on a scholarship.

While in law school, she invested her time as President of Business Law Society, connecting students with attorneys, businessmen, and entrepreneurs. She also spent much of her time mentoring inner-city high schoolers. Additionally, she earned a professional certification in research and other academic distinctions.

Alivia’s professional career began with business transactions and real estate law. She ultimately moved to personal injury, where she felt more purposeful advocating for clients on a more personal level. Alivia finished law school, remained in San Diego for a few years, and moved to Los Angeles, where she joined the JT Legal Group team. Alivia acts as a liaison between pre-litigation and litigation departments, overseeing files in pre-lit and aiding the transition to litigation. Alivia evaluates government claims and works with our settlement department to finalize releases. She is also our primary contact for our most severely injured clients.

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