Encino, California. July 2021

JT Legal Group, a law corporation that specializes in personal injury, successfully obtained a $1.3 million settlement from a case involving the plaintiff being t-boned by a driver who was under the influence.

This incident occurred from two collisions that happened on April 10th, 2018, at approximately 2:55 P.M. Our client was traveling westbound on the 101 Highway in the far-right lane just past White Oak Avenue. The defendant, who had been zig-zagging across all four lanes, had numerous 911 calls made regarding his erratic driving. Our client, who was merging onto the freeway, was t-boned by the defendant, causing her vehicle to spin out of control, and position her to face oncoming traffic. As a result of the first impact, the victim’s head struck her driver’s side window with such force the glass shattered, which resulted in multiple lacerations across face, arm, and thigh. As the defendant tried to run away, he drove into her car a second time, striking her hard enough that the vehicle spun another 180 degrees. The victim was trapped inside her vehicle when the fire department arrived and they were forced to extricate the plaintiff from her vehicle. 

The victim refused to visit the hospital, but because of the onset of pain after a few days, she decided to seek medical attention. The injuries started to affect her job, and ultimately led to her resignation.

Every year, over 10,000 people lose their lives as a result of driving under the influence. It results in ⅓ of all traffic related deaths and according to The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. 

Attorney Daniel E. Hoffman worked tirelessly until the case was settled for an amount that would provide the client with sufficient support. Exceeding his client’s expectations, Hoffman was able to settle the case for $1.3 million. 

Although the plaintiff’s injuries were mild, JT Legal Group managed to successfully relieve all financial burdens from the accident. At JT Legal Group, it is our mission to ensure our clients are compensated for any physical, emotional, or monetary loss. We aim for efficiency and we certainly Don’t Settle For Less

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