San Diego, California, April 22, 2021

JT Legal Group, a law firm specializing in personal injury, has successfully obtained a $1.8 million settlement in a case that involved a collision, in which both clients received $900k each. This was an incredible success from a case that endured minimal damage.

The Plaintiff contended the Defendant was at fault for the collision that happened the morning of April 16th, 2019. Plaintiff contended the case involved an intersection accident where the plaintiff was driving straight on Enrico Fermi Drive while the Defendant was attempting to make a left turn. The Defendant abruptly pulled into the intersection off the SR-11 highway in front of the Plaintiff’s vehicle; therefore, violating the Plaintiff’s right of way and causing him to collide into the driver side of the Defendant’s Subaru.

According to the Defendant, they were driving eastbound on SR-11 and came to a complete stop before attempting the left turn at the intersection. Defendant did not see the Plaintiff’s vehicle and assumed the intersection was clear when they proceeded to make the turn, resulting in the collision.

Despite what seemed like a traumatic accident, both plaintiffs suffered minimal injuries resulting in only two epidural injections and no surgeries.

Attorney’s Daniel Hoffman and Mohammad Mazz, were able to settle this case for $1.8 million; a phenomenal success from such minimal damage. JT Legal Group is committed to helping any individual who has suffered from any accident resulting in personal injuries. Their attorneys will fight to get the most compensation no matter how minimal the damages or injuries are.

There is no amount of money that will be sufficient enough to compensate for someone’s health, but if the law says money is all that we can get for clients, then we will get all that there is.” States Jack Ter-Saakyan, Founding Partner.

Our personal injury attorneys understand that any accident can create physical, mental, emotional, and financial problems for years to come. We have dedicated our practice to helping victims of accidents in Los Angeles and throughout California recover the compensation they need to get their life back and protect their financial future. Find out more about the JT Legal Group by visiting our website.


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