Glendale, California, July 2021

JT Legal Group, a law firm specializing in personal injury, has successfully obtained a $1.05 million settlement in a case involving a Premise Liability claim. 

The incident occurred on July 30th, 2020, amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The incident was caused when our client fell 15 feet inside a restaurant during construction. Immediately after the incident, the client remembers waking up in his brother’s arms. Rather than seeking medical treatment, our client decided to shake the fall off and rest at home. It was when he went home and his wife saw his condition that she insisted that he go to the emergency room right away.

Our client was scared to seek legal help because he was undocumented and feared arrest, deportation, costs associated with seeking medical treatment, and lost wages. He waited six months before reaching out to JT Legal Group for legal assistance. Within a few months, attorney Ani Megerdichian of JT Legal Group secured a $1.05 million dollar settlement.

In similar cases such as this one, attorneys often settle for the minimum value or pass on the case entirely due to the complexity of a premise liability. JT Legal Group has experience with helping hundreds of clients who have similar fears with deportation due to immigration status, and worries about medical expenses, and arrest. 

“If I could undo the injury, I would do it any day. I can’t prevent people from getting hurt, but it’s good to see that we received a modicum of justice for them.” States Jack Ter-Saakyan, Founding Attorney of JT Legal Group.

JT Legal Group’s vision is to treat each client as family, therefore we are fighting for you with your best interest at heart. Find out more about the JT Legal Group by visiting our website

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