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    Jun 22, 2017
    Wrongful Foreclosure, Wrongful Foreclosure Attorneys, Foreclosure Defense, Foreclosure Defense Attorneys
    in California Real Estate, Foreclosure and Bankruptcy, Foreclosure Law, Foreclosure News, JT Legal Group Blog, Money Managment

    Wrongful Foreclosure Process Wrongful Foreclosure is when a lender, servicer or trustee forecloses on property without following the appropriate legal steps or without the proper authority to do so. We see this happen in various context, the most common of which are the following:     Outsource Operations A lender like Bank of America will

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    Jun 12, 2017
    Water Damage Hazards, Water Damage Attorney, Property Damage Attorney, Attorney for Water Damage
    in California Real Estate, JT Legal Group Blog, Property Damage

    Water Damage Hazards Every Homeowner Should Be Aware Of How Every Homeowner can overcome Water Damage Hazards When it comes to your loving home, there are water damage hazards every homeowner must be aware of. Since having a property is such a big investment, many homeowners and business-owners often perceive their home as a milestone

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    Jun 01, 2017
    Fire Damage
    in California Real Estate, JT Legal Group Blog, Property Damage

    Claim Compensation for Fire Damage Why Your Home Deserves to be Compensated after a Fire When a severe fire strikes your home, it can be truly devastating. Fire damage not only requires very expensive repairs, it can also result in the loss of favored belongings, important documents, and other personal assets. Homeowner’s insurance are typically in

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    May 09, 2017
    Close-up Foreclosure Real Estate Sign in Front of House.
    in Foreclosure and Bankruptcy, Foreclosure Law, JT Legal Group Blog

    If a homeowner misses their payments, they can go into foreclosure. After a homeowner receives a sale date notice from the court, he or she must catch up on their mortgage payments immediately to avoid falling into a foreclosure nightmare.

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