Accident Leaves Elderly Woman Seriously Injuries

A 72-year-old woman sustained serious injuries after being involved in a bus accident on September 14th. 

The accident occurred on a Tuesday in Irvine on Kilwinning Road around 4 p.m., per reports. 

It was reported that a yellow shuttle bus was driving on Kilwinning Road when a vehicle made a sudden U-turn in front. 

As a result of the bus hitting the emergency brakes, one of the passengers was thrown from her seat and seriously injured. 

The 72-year-old female passenger was hospitalized with serious, unspecified injuries. 

No further details have been disclosed and the accident is still under investigation. 

U-turns are basically left turns which account for nearly a quarter of all vehicle crashes according to NHTSA.

In addition, those who are making the u-turn are often the person at fault. This is because those who initiate a U-turn must allow for enough time to make sure they don’t impact the flow of traffic from the opposite direction. 

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