Injury Pattern Among Motorcyclists

Injury Pattern Among Motorcyclists

If an accident injures a motorcyclist, the collision could damage several bones, affect the spine or cause a traumatic brain injury hospitalizing a motorcyclist. Typically, the serious injuries may exacerbate chronic pain, increase inflammation and affect several joints. Once a medical expert evaluates the patient, the medical professional can recommend numerous procedures, physical therapy and multiple medications. The medical facility could also provide innovative equipment that can substantially increase mobility, and the devices may significantly reduce chronic soreness, improve the recovery process and decrease inflammation.

Monitoring Injured Motorcyclists Who Require Hospitalization

During the last year, several organizations evaluated motorcyclists who have been involved in accidents, and according to multiple reports, more than 70 percent of injured motorcyclists required hospitalization. Additionally, at least 57 percent of the patients underwent surgical procedures. The surveys also suggested that approximately 50 percent of the injured motorcyclists were hospitalized for more than 10 days.

Evaluating Detailed Statistics and Understanding Several Types of Injuries

When multiple researchers examined injured motorcyclists, the experts indicated that at least 55 percent of the injuries affected the lower limbs, and typically, more than 10 percent of the injuries may damage the spine. The researchers also suggested that approximately 35 percent of the accidents injured the upper limbs. Once a medical expert evaluates the injured limbs, the patient may require physical therapy, surgical procedures or numerous types of medications.

Contacting an Attorney and Requesting a Free Consultation

After a serious accident, the injured motorcyclist should quickly contact an experienced attorney, and the lawyer can provide helpful instructions, answer multiple questions and evaluate the cause of the accident. The attorney could also describe the legal process, the statute of limitations and the local regulations.

Examining the Medical Expenses

The lawyer can evaluate the medical costs, and the attorney may also examine necessary procedures, numerous treatments and medical tests. If a patient requires physical therapy, the medical report could estimate the costs of the physical therapy. Moreover, the medical report can evaluate the number of appointments, the benefits of physical therapy, the patient’s condition and the duration of each appointment.

Estimating the Costs of Repairs

The attorney could examine the value of the motorcycle, and if a mechanic can repair the motorcycle, the lawyer may evaluate the prices of many components, the costs of labor and the duration of the project. Once the motorcyclist submits an insurance claim, the insurance company can fully reimburse the client, or the insurance company could directly pay the mechanic who will repair the motorcycle.

Understanding the Cause of the Accident

Typically, the experienced lawyer can view detailed reports that describe the cause of the accident, and the reports could indicate the positions of other vehicles, the location of the motorcycle, the configuration of the street and the number of lanes. The reports can also describe the traffic signs that are located near the scene of the accident. Additionally, the lawyer could view a map that shows nearby intersections, and according to several reports, more than 35 percent of automotive accidents have occurred near intersections.

The reports could describe the damaged motorcycle, and once an expert inspects the damaged vehicle, the specialist may estimate the speed of each vehicle, evaluate the angle of the motorcycle and examine damaged components. The expert can also inspect the roads, the curbs and the lanes. If a road contains numerous potholes, the damaged road could significantly increase the risk of accidents. Multiple reports have suggested that more than 15 percent of roads have sizable potholes that may damage many types of motorcycles.

While an expert reviews the report, the specialist could also examine the weather condition in the area. If the roads are wet, the slippery roads may reduce the efficiency of the tires, affect the brake system and increase the risk of accidents.

Motorcycle Accident

Inspecting the Scene of the Accident and Viewing Many Pictures

The motorcyclist should take multiple pictures that show the scene of the accident. The client could quickly send the pictures to the lawyer, and sometimes, an attorney may hire an expert who could enhance the images. Once an attorney reviews the images, the lawyer could evaluate the damaged vehicles, the position of the motorcycle and the width of the road.

Examining the Damaged Motorcycle

Generally, an expert will thoroughly inspect the motorcycle, the damaged components, the wheels, the tires and the exterior. After the specialist evaluates the motorcycle, the inspector may estimate the value of the motorcycle, find defective components, create a detailed report and examine the costs of repairs.

Testing Defective Parts

According to numerous reports, defective components might cause more than 8 percent of automotive accidents. Some motorcycles may have malfunctioning axles, worn tires, defective handlebars or faulty brakes. Once a defective component causes an accident, an expert can examine the design of the component, the materials, auxiliary parts and multiple types of warranties. The specialist may also view testimonials that describe the components, and the expert could evaluate several recalls.

Reviewing Detailed Statements

If multiple witnesses observed the accident, the lawyer may contact the witnesses, and the observers could provide statements that describe the cause of the accident, the speed of each vehicle and the actions of the motorists. Once the client creates an insurance claim, the attorney may also submit the detailed statements. During a trial, the witnesses could provide extensive testimonies, and the attorney can ask important questions, evaluate each testimony and compare the statements.

Submitting an Insurance Claim

The lawyer could help the client to create an insurance claim, and the motorcyclist may provide a detailed statement, describe the accident and submit multiple pictures. The client could also provide reports that evaluate the injuries, the medical services and the effects of emotional distress. The reports may examine the costs of medical tests, numerous types of procedures, the prices of necessary medications and the benefits of physical therapy.

Some companies have developed mobile applications that can help clients to create new claims. If you utilize a mobile application, you could easily submit important documents, manage an existing claim and check the status of each claim. Once you create the insurance claim, the insurance company may request additional information, provide important updates or contact multiple witnesses.

Evaluating Emotional Distress and Requesting Additional Compensation

When an accident injures a motorcyclist, the serious injuries may cause emotional distress that could increase anxiety, reduce well-being and decrease the quality of sleep. The patient can contact an experienced psychologist, and the expert may describe techniques that could significantly reduce the emotional distress, improve the patient’s mood and minimize chronic anxiety.

After a lawyer provides a free consultation, the attorney could study the effects of emotional distress, and the client may request additional compensation. If the client contacts a psychologist, the patient should also obtain reports that examine the price of each appointment, the costs of necessary services and the benefits of multiple treatments.

Receiving a Settlement

Typically, an insurance company will evaluate the cause of the accident, the medical expenses and the damaged motorcycle. Subsequently, the insurer may offer a substantial settlement, and the experienced attorney can estimate the value of the settlement. If the settlement is inadequate, the lawyer could request a larger settlement, describe the effects of the accident and manage the legal process. Rarely, an insurance company may request a trial, and during the trial, the lawyer can provide valuable evidence, detailed statements and medical reports. The attorney could also submit a report that describes the cause of the accident, and the judge can evaluate the admissibility of the evidence.

Scheduling a Free Consultation

Once you contact an attorney, the lawyer could evaluate the accident, review the evidence and estimate the medical costs. The attorney may also answer your questions, and the lawyer can explain the local regulations that could affect the legal case. When you are ready to submit an insurance claim, the attorney can describe the legal process, organize the detailed reports and evaluate pending settlements.

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