Hail Damage Insurance Claims

Hailstorms can strike suddenly and leave behind substantial damage to homes, motor vehicles, and other property. In 2016, Indianapolis, Indiana, and Fort Smith, Arkansas were hit with storms which dropped golf ball sized hail. On St. Patrick’s Day, 2016, Dallas, Texas was struck by tennis ball sized hail stones. Hailstorms came to San Antonio twice in April, 2016. In May, Lincoln, Nebraska and Washington, D.C. were hit with hail as large as baseballs. These storms caused billions of dollars in damages.

If your home has been damaged by a hailstorm, your homeowner’s insurance should cover for the loss. However, being fully compensated may not be as simple as contacting your agent and making a hail damage insurance claim.

Hailstorm Damage

Because of what they see as a substantial and growing number of a hail damage insurance claims and lawsuits, in recent years insurance companies have been resisting making payments, arguing that some a hail damage insurance claims are unsubstantiated or not covered at all. However, this practice can lead to the denial of proper hail damage insurance claims.
An insurance representative evaluating a hail damage insurance claim may determine that there is no damage due to the hail, or less damage than found by your contractor.

Your hail damage insurance claim might also be denied for lack of sufficient documentation, or the insurance company may take the position that the damage to your home occurred prior to the hailstorm or during a time when the property was not covered by the policy.

If the insurance company tells you that your policy does not cover hail damage, totally denies your hail damage insurance claim, or refuses to pay you an amount that you believe is fair compensation for the damage to your home, you should seek advice from a qualified and experienced attorney in a property damage law firm. A lawyer with a property damage law firm can assess your claim, give you guidance in interpreting your policy, make sure you meet all the conditions in your policy, and help you to properly present your insurance claim.

Getting Help

Getting help from a property damage law firm does not automatically mean that you will have to take your case to court, but if you cannot get satisfactory cooperation from your insurance company, a court case may be the only way for you to get fair compensation. An insurance company is more than willing to go to court to fight your claim, so, if you find yourself being treated unfairly by your insurance company, you should be prepared by having a property damage law firm on your side. A qualified lawyer in a property damage law firm will not only help you come to a proper settlement of the claim but will understand how to win your court case, if it comes to that.

An insurance company wants to limit the amount it pays on any hail damage insurance claim or other claim, and uses its own experts to protect its interests. It is in your interest to have a knowledgeable attorney with a property damage law firm working for you as well. Also, an experienced property damage lawyer will be able to refer you to others that can assist in your claim, such as public adjusters and contractors who have experience in assessing hail damage and performing repairs.

More Information

As with other insurance disputes or any dispute that might be heading to court, it is best not to wait too long. The sooner you have an attorney working on your case, the more likely it is that you will have a good outcome for your hail damage insurance claim.

Every case is different, and instead of trying to get a generic answer, you should find out the facts and the law as they apply to your particular situation.

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