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    tab-img-02If you have just been named an estate administrator by a court, you may be feeling overwhelmed. With so many things to take care of, it can be impossible to find a starting place. The estate experts at JT Legal Group can help you get everything in order to fulfill your duties as administrator of estate.

    Having the assistance of an estate administration attorney as you fulfill your duties can ensure you are in compliance with legal processes, following instructions correctly to avoid trouble, and not running into any legal roadblocks as you attempt to sort out the estate. A probate lawyer can help you cover all your bases and help with any confusion, communication problems, or other problems that are likely to arise.

    Estate Administration and Probate

    Before the division of an estate can begin, it is important to understand all the circumstances. This often begins with explaining the difference between a probate and an estate administrator.

    Probate occurs when the individual who has passed left behind a will outlining where his estate should go. The individual named in the will is responsible for ensuring the wishes of the deceased are met in compliance to his will and estate plan and that the estate closes successfully and smoothly.

    An estate administration is necessary when the individual who owned the estate died without leaving behind a will. In these circumstances, a court must recognize an individual to be estate administrator. The estate administrator's duties are extremely similar to that of the probate, but is often more difficult and confusing without the guidance of a will.

    Estate Administrator Responsibilities

    The following list includes some (but not all) estate administrator responsibilities that will need to be completed in compliance with the court's expectations and standards:

    • Notifying beneficiaries of the estate
    • Alerting creditors of the estate
    • Accounting for all estate assets
    • Managing all debts owed and ensuring they are paid
    • Selling and liquidating necessary assets
    • Filing estate and income taxes, in additional to any other necessary tax returns
    • Comply with the laws of descent and distribution to pass on remaining assets and property
    • Submit all necessary accounting work to the court

    When embarking on an estate administrator job, it is important to remember it will be a considerable time commitment. Probate matters can take anywhere from four months to eighteen months, depending on the size and extent of the estate. If there is property that needs to be sold before the estate can be successfully closed, this process could take even longer. Having an expert attorney work alongside you can provide you with needed support and ensure you are following through on your estate administration checklist of duties and requirements.

    If you have just been appointed the an estate administrator, having a skilled estate administration lawyer to help you through the details can make the job seem much more manageable. A skilled and trusted California estate probate lawyer can help you break down your expectations, meet deadlines and requirements with more confidence, and give you the support and guidance you need to fulfill your estate administrator duties more successfully.

    Whether an estate has a will or not, estate administration is not something to attempt alone. The expert lawyers at JT Legal Group can provide you with the estate administration services or probate services that you need to close the estate successfully and without unnecessary additional roadblocks and hurdles. Contact the JT Legal Group office to see how we can help you through the estate administration and probate process.

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