Holiday Driving Tips

Consider these Tips when Driving During the Holidays

For many, the holiday season is all about spending time with your beloved friends and family, and spreading the holiday cheer. While this is true, another factor imposes a question on us: “How safe is it to drive during the holiday season?” In fact, the answer may surprise you.

Holiday Hazard

Many holiday gatherings often include plenty of food, as well as alcoholic beverages to help celebrate the season. Unfortunately, the two most beloved seasons, Christmas and New Year’s Eve, are actually some of the two most deadliest times to drive year-round. The National Safety Council further estimated a total of nearly 700 Americans will lose their lives during the holiday season, as stated in their December 2016 Holiday Driving safety notice. The Council further detailed their findings in their 2016 Holiday Fatality Estimates notice. The notice displayed 126 – 355 New Year’s Day fatalities over the past few years.

Holiday Driving Safety Tips

In addition to the above sources, below are a few suggestions to consider when driving during the holiday season:

Designate a responsible driver

    • : If all the eligible drivers plan on drinking, designate a responsible driver for the party. This eliminates confusion or any error when getting home safely, since impairment can begin with the first drink.


Minimize distractions

    • : This includes cleaning your car from anything that could interfere with your driving, listening to the radio at a low volume, and keeping the windows up.


Turn off your phone’s notification settings

    • : Some phones offer a feature where you won’t receive any text, or other notifications when you are driving. There are also some cars that offer Bluetooth technology or other compatible platforms that enable drivers to function by speaking commands to their phone directly.


    • as of 2017 it’s illegal to drive with a phone in your hand.

With that being said

    • , it’s highly advised you purchase a mobile phone mount to support your phone while you’re driving. This helps lowering distraction levels with drivers who use their phone as navigational guides.


Wear your seatbelt

    • : It could end up saving your life.


Rest and drink plenty of water

    • : If no one is able to drive,


    . Some things just aren’t meant to be, and will happen at the right time. You’ll feel better once you’ve gotten some rest and plenty of water to help nourish your body after all that family dinner and drinks.

Don’t Be Part of the Statistic

Ultimately, the choice is up to you. Many unfortunate souls are lost every year either due to the negligence of someone else, or their own. The first step is to actually want to make the difference. Not only will you be protecting those who ride with you, but those who are around you, as well. Make the change.

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