Riverside Car Accident Results in Minor Injuries 

Investigators are working to determine the cause of a head-on collision that took place in Riverside Wednesday night. 

According to CHP, the wreck occurred at 10:19 p.m. on September 21st. 

Both vehicles collided within the westbound lanes of Cajalco Road. 

LN Lopez was an involved party that suffered minor injuries. Lopez was taken to Kaiser Permanente Riverside Medical Center for evaluation. 

Tow trucks were also needed to remove both vehicles from the scene. 

Further details will be provided once an investigation is concluded.

Head-on collisions are without a doubt the most dangerous types of crashes. They may only account for 2% of accidents, however they make up 10% of all deadly crashes. 

The Fatal Analysis Reporting System (FARS) has found that: 

  • 75% of head-on crashes happen in rural areas
  • They are most common on two-lane highways
  • Failure in negotiating a curve on the road causes 23% of all fatal head-on collisions
  • 58% of head-on collisions result in a fatality

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