$225,000 Secured in Rear-End Collision

Glendale, CA. October 2022: JT Legal Group, a law firm specializing in personal injury successfully secured $225,000 in a collision involving a rear-end.

The collision took place on September 10 2022 at the intersection of Stocker St and Central Ave in Glendale, CA. JT Legal Group’s client was stopped at a red light behind the defendant’s truck. The defendant suddenly started reversing his vehicle and crashed into the client’s vehicle. 

The client felt immediate pain shooting down her from her neck down to her lower back due to her sudden jolt of being hit. The strain in her neck caused severe swelling which constricted her head movements. The client underwent three lumbar epidural injections due to her persistent lower back pain. 

Reportedly, one in four vehicle accidents occur when drivers are going in reverse. Most of these accidents involve vehicle damage, but bodily injury occurs as well. The National Highway Transportation Safety Agency calculates an average of 210 fatalities and 15,000 injuries are caused by back-up accidents every year.

JT Legal Group aims high when representing clients who have been victims of motor-vehicle accidents. One person’s carelessness complying with common traffic safety has the ability to impact every aspect of another’s life. Financial hardship and emotional distress are common results in automobile accidents, therefore, when fighting for their clients, JT Legal Group ensures the client’s well being is top priority.

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