Former Storage Wars Star Barry Weiss and a Passenger Suffer Serious Injuries in Motorcycle Crash

May 17, 2019

Highlighting the Dangers for Motorcyclists on California’s Roads

Barry Weiss, the celebrity former star of the hit television series Storage Wars, was recently in a terrible motorcycle crash in Los Feliz, California near Los Angeles that left him in the Intensive Care Unit at a local hospital in Los Angeles and his passenger also in the hospital with multiple broken bones. Weiss appeared on Storage Wars, which featured auctions of the contents of storage units that had been abandoned, from seasons 1-4 of the hit A&E show. He then went on to star in the spinoff series Storage Wars: Barry Strikes Back, which ran for a single season. His accident, which occurred when the motorcycle he was riding on struck a car that was backing out from a parking space, highlights how dangerous motorcycle accidents can be, much more dangerous than motor vehicle accidents for a number of factors that are unique to these types of accidents.

The Accident in Which Barry Weiss Was Injured

According to a report from People’s website on the accident, the 68 year old Weiss and a friend were riding on his motorcycle near Los Angeles. A car pulled out of a parking space straight into the path of the motorcycle that Weiss and his friend were riding on, apparently without seeing Weiss’s motorcycle. Weiss and his friend then ran into the back of the vehicle and were both badly injured, Weiss more so than his passenger. Weiss suffered a number of broken bones in addition to a number of internal injuries, including what some media reports said was serious chest trauma as a result of the accident. The friend posted pictures to Instagram and reported he “got lucky, only a broken knee, elbow and wrist” and advising that Weiss had suffered much more serious injuries.

Why Motorcycle Incidents Can Be Particularly Dangerous

In the case of the recent accident involving Barry Weiss, some of the particular safety concerns that make motorcycle crashes more likely to feature serious injuries than crashes between two cars or other types of motor vehicle accidents were present. Safety statistics bear out that those involved in motorcycle accidents have a much higher chance of being involved in a fatal accident than do those who are riding in a regular passenger motor vehicle. For example, according to traffic safety data for 2016 from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the federal regulator charged with ensuring safety on the nation’s roads, motorcyclists are much more likely than motorists who are riding in cars to be killed in a motor vehicle accident. They are also much more likely to suffer serious injuries like closed head injuries resulting in brain damage, concussions, broken bones, road rash and a number of other injuries.

There are a number of factors that contribute to the higher fatality rate and more serious injuries that are often suffered by motorcyclists in collisions than those suffered in collisions between two motor vehicles. Because they are smaller and have a lower profile than other motor vehicles, motorcycles can be difficult to see, particularly for vehicles that may have the driver sitting up higher like a truck or sport utility vehicle. This may have been a factor in the accident in which Barry Weiss and a friend were injured; the car that backed out and directly into the path of the motorcycle that Weiss and a friend were riding on simply may not have seen the motorcycle. Motorcyclists also do not have the built-in protection that regular passenger vehicles and trucks do. Someone riding in a motor vehicle is enclosed and protected by thousands of pounds of steel and other materials, whereas a motorcyclist is protected (at best) by only a helmet in the event of an accident. Finally, in many cases, motorists who are driving a car simply may not give the motorcyclist enough space or the right of way even in a situation where the law is clear the motorcycle has the right of way. In the case of the recent accident involving Barry Weiss of Storage Wars, some of the particular safety concerns that make motorcycle crashes more likely to feature fatalities and/or more serious injuries than an accident between two motor vehicles were present, which likely resulted in the injuries suffered by Weiss from the collision.

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