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Aug 10, 2017
5 Ways to Save Your Home from Foreclosure, Save home, save my home, foreclosure assistance, foreclosure prevention, foreclosure legal options, foreclosure assistance, foreclosure help, foreclosure lawyer, foreclosure attorney, foreclosure law firm
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5 Ways to Save Your Home from Foreclosure The Best Ways on How to Avoid Foreclosure Stopping a foreclosure on your home can be a miracle. For many homeowners facing a foreclosure, being able to save their home is about much more than just a property or asset consideration. Such a ruthless incidence has no

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Jun 22, 2017
Wrongful Foreclosure, Wrongful Foreclosure Attorneys, Foreclosure Defense, Foreclosure Defense Attorneys
in Foreclosure Law, Foreclosure and Bankruptcy, California Real Estate, JT Legal Group Blog, Money Managment, Foreclosure News

Wrongful Foreclosure Process Wrongful Foreclosure is when a lender, servicer or trustee forecloses on property without following the appropriate legal steps or without the proper authority to do so. We see this happen in various context, the most common of which are the following:     Outsource Operations A lender like Bank of America will

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Mar 13, 2017
in Foreclosure and Bankruptcy, Foreclosure News

Some things are often too good to be true. The Great Recession in 2008 caused many difficulties for California homeowners, some of whom faced foreclosures because they could not make their mortgage payments. A number of these California homeowner’s became desperate and looked to a man named Carl Robinson for assistance.

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Jan 16, 2017
hamp has expired. Speak with a foreclosure defense attorney to know your options
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The Home Affordable Modification Program, which has allowed an estimated 1.8 million families to stop foreclosure proceedings on their homes, officially expired on December 31, 2016.

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