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    As the US economy continues its recovery from the profound economic meltdown, which came about via the bursting of the real estate bubble followed by the slow motion stock market crash of 2008, many people are still dealing with the looming threat of foreclosure on their homes. The threat of foreclosure is more than just a financial concern — it’s an idea that threatens a family’s feelings of safety and security.

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  • Good News For Homeowners in Danger of Foreclosure

    The good news is that there are many laws in place that can help families in danger of foreclosure, especially since the California Homeowner Bill of Rights was passed in 2013. The most important factor is to have legal help so that a smart and effective legal defense can be launched.

    The Top Options For Avoiding Foreclosure

    Homeowners do have options when it comes to fighting off an impending foreclosure. All the options available must be carefully considered before a defense strategy is decided upon, but a knowledgeable Sacramento foreclosure lawyer will be able to walk a client through the options before a final decision is made.


    Dealing with the threat of a home foreclosure is not easy. The entire situation is one that is difficult emotionally, but one of the roles of a Sacramento foreclosure attorney or a real estate attorney in Sacramento is to make a client’s options clear. The process of achieving clarity within a unique foreclosure defense strategy can alleviate some of the emotions that surround the situation, and illuminate a way forward.


    The top options available for avoiding foreclosure include negotiating with a lender in hopes of finding a solution to avoid losing the house to the bank.

    If they can be worked out, negotiations are the most desirable options. This strategy require extensive documentation to show a history of payments as well as income, or changes in the homeowner’s life that demonstrably affected their income.


    If the above strategies are unworkable, litigation against the lender is another strong possibility, and often the one that comes with the best workable long-term solution. Given the amount of fraud and bad faith that has been uncovered in the lending crisis, this is an increasingly attractive option for homeowners that were not given a fair shake by their bank.


    A short sale is another viable option. This option will require that the owner walk away from ownership of their home, but it does release the homeowner from their obligation to continue paying on a mortgage that is no longer affordable. Often, a short sale can also come with some cash in the pocket of the homeowner, thanks to government programs that seek to alleviate the difficulty of foreclosure and short sale.


    Finally, bankruptcy is a last resort strategy that can help a homeowner avoid foreclosure. In this case, the owner avoids foreclosure, but this comes at the cost of a ruined credit rating. Depending on the situation, the homeowner may also need to make payments on the loan at a negotiated rate once the bankruptcy is resolved.

    Obviously, these are serious issues to consider, which is why having a legal team extensively involved in creating a sound strategy is so important.

    As of December 2015,

    the foreclosure rate for Sacramento is approximately 1 in every 1025 homes. The top 5 zip codes in Sacramento that experience the highest foreclosure rates are:

    • 1 out of 138 for the zip code of 95837
    • 1 out of 482 for the zip code of 95838
    • 1 out of 659 for the zip code of 95827
    • 1 out of 667 for the zip code of 95823
    • 1 out of 730 for the zip code of 95835

    Data provided by RealtyTrac.


    JT Legal Group is a Glendale, California law firm that is known for its experience in successfully negotiating foreclosure cases in favor of people who are in danger of losing their homes. We have successfully litigated many cases in Sacramento and our team of California foreclosure defense attorneys is known for its high success rate.

    If you are in the Sacramento area and are in danger of foreclosure, our firm offers a free fifteen minute consultation to review your case and to discuss how our California foreclosure defense strategies can help. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with an experienced foreclosure attorney.

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    Michael Avanesian primarily focuses in the field of corporate restructuring and litigation. Mr. Avanesian has a wide range of experience in Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases and has represented corporate and individual debtors, secured creditors, unsecured creditors, lessors, lessees, trustees and other interested parties in bankruptcy cases and related litigation.


    MAIN GOAL: Settlement!

    In general terms, fewer than 1% of lawsuits ever actually see a trial. In most cases, lawsuits are settled when the parties can agree to reach a resolution that is mutually satisfactory. Parties are free to settle a lawsuit at any time, and between any of the steps previously listed. In many cases, settlements can be reached even before a preliminary injunction hearing is held.