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    The prospect of foreclosure is scary, stressful, and sometimes crippling to the psyche of homeowners. It can cause lasting uncertainty, making families feel helpless and hopeless. When faced with such doubt and angst, you want an attorney who is a battle tested attorney in foreclosure law and a proven defender of homeowner rights. At JT Legal Group, our Long Beach foreclosure attorneys have the knowledge and resources to save your home from foreclosure.
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    Time is of the essence.  Contact us as soon as possible to find out how the experienced attorneys at JT Legal Group can halt your foreclosure, postpone your sale date, or prevent a trustee sale entirely.  Our team will contact you shortly to discover more about your case and provide a free 15 minute consultation.




  • Our goal is to protect you, the client, by making sure we exercise every possible option to keep your home. After the initial consultation, we make sure that your anxieties are eased and your questions are answered. Our attorneys take great care to understand your case and develop a robust defense strategy that best protects your rights considering the specific details of your situation. Our foreclosure defense lawyers in Long Beach understand very well the legal strategies the big banks try to employ, and have a proven track record of being successful in stopping them.

    California Foreclosure Process

    To demonstrate how we can best serve you at JT Legal Group, let's briefly explain what happens during foreclosure and what our firm can do to stop it. First, the lender will file and record a notice of default, which begins the process. Many times, these are filed when the borrower has only missed a few payments. Next, the lender files and records a notice of trustee sale, which typically gives you 21 days to make any payments before your home is sold at auction. Once at auction, the property is sold back to the bank or a third party. Depending on the outcome of the auction, there are several paths to seek recourse. If the property did not get sold to a third party, a chance remains to get your title back. If a third party did purchase it, then regaining title is unlikely, but wrongful foreclosure damages can be sought.

    How JT Legal Group Can Save Your Home

    Our foreclosure defense attorneys at JT Legal Group can help you fight the big banks to stop foreclosure sale in Long Beach, or "fix" the default so you can remain in your home. We have won huge penalty amounts for clients against big banks for failing to follow procedures outlined in federal and state law. Our attorneys can provide knowledge in areas such as:

    • Litigation against banks based on the California Homeowner Bill of Rights
    • Weighing whether bankruptcy is right for you
    • Determining whether the lender committed fraud
    • Chain of title issues
    • HAMP
    • HARP
    • Deed in lieu of foreclosure
    • Short sale negotiations

    Foreclosure Trends in Long Beach, CA

    As of February 2016, the foreclosure rate for Long Beach, CA is approximately 1 in every 2031 homes. The top 5 zip codes in Long Beach that experience the highest foreclosure rates are:

    • 1 out of 1267 for the zip code of 90805
    • 1 out of 1425 for the zip code of 90802
    • 1 out of 1621 for the zip code of 90813
    • 1 out of 1704 for the zip code of 90815
    • 1 out of 2086 for the zip code of 90808

    Data provided by RealtyTrac.

    At JT Legal Group, we make sure you have an experienced foreclosure lawyer in Long Beach who will clearly explain your rights and options, and keep you apprised of where you are in the foreclosure process. Our attorneys are meticulous and aggressive, and we scrutinize every case carefully to help you stop foreclosure sale in Long Beach. Don't let the big banks bully you into giving up your home. You deserve better. Call us today for a consultation, so we can save your home from foreclosure.


    Michael Avanesian

    Michael Avanesian primarily focuses in the field of corporate restructuring and litigation. Mr. Avanesian has a wide range of experience in Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases and has represented corporate and individual debtors, secured creditors, unsecured creditors, lessors, lessees, trustees and other interested parties in bankruptcy cases and related litigation.

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    In general terms, fewer than 1% of lawsuits ever actually see a trial. In most cases, lawsuits are settled when the parties can agree to reach a resolution that is mutually satisfactory. Parties are free to settle a lawsuit at any time, and between any of the steps previously listed. In many cases, settlements can be reached even before a preliminary injunction hearing is held.