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    Our attorneys at JT Legal Group fight relentlessly for clients facing foreclosure in California. We understand all too well the anxiety our clients endure when facing foreclosure, and the importance of an expert Fresno foreclosure attorney with intimate knowledge of California foreclosure laws and procedures.
    During consultation, we will ask you several specific questions about your case, so that our attorneys can formulate a plan that best leverages the unique details of your situation. It’s critical that our foreclosure attorneys form a complete picture of the facts for your particular foreclosure, so that we can piece together your personalized strategy. Our client advocacy and attention to detail has led to an extremely high settlement rate against big banks. Below, we will shed some light on the Fresno foreclosure process, and how JT Legal Group can help.
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    Time is of the essence.  Contact us as soon as possible to find out how the experienced attorneys at JT Legal Group can halt your foreclosure, postpone your sale date, or prevent a trustee sale entirely.  Our team will contact you shortly to discover more about your case and provide a free 15 minute consultation.




  • California Foreclosure Process

    The foreclosure process begins when the borrower is in default, which is usually triggered by failure to make payments. When a borrower is in default, the lender files and records a document called, appropriately, a Notice of Default (NOD). At this stage of the process, the borrower typically has 90 days to pay the balance of the loan.

    If the borrower is unable to pay the remaining balance, the lender then takes the next step in the process, and files a Notice of Trustee Sale (NTS). Once the notice of trustee sale is filed and recorded, the lender is typically required to wait at least 21 days before selling the property at auction, where it is either sold back to the bank, or to a third party. If the property is sold to a third party, it is very difficult for a borrower to regain title to the home. The earlier you are in this foreclosure timeline, the more options you have. Therefore, it is essential that you contact an experienced foreclosure lawyer in Fresno as soon as possible, ideally before you get to the auction stage.

    What JT Legal Can Do For You

    As a borrower, you are entitled to certain protections under state and federal law. A lender must follow the state and federal procedure to the letter if they are attempting to foreclose, and they must provide you with a single point of contact who gives you a clear understanding of the nature of your loan. If a lender fails to provide these and other basic protections, they cannot foreclose and may be liable for damages. At JT Legal Group, we have successfully prevented foreclosure and have won damages against every major lender, all across California.

    Our Fresno foreclosure defense attorneys at JT Legal Group are extremely well-versed in California foreclosure law and procedure, providing an aggressive strategy to stop foreclosure anywhere in Fresno. If you decide to litigate, our foreclosure attorneys can advise you in the following areas:

    • Foreclosure Defense vs. Bankruptcy
    • Chapter 7 & Chapter 13 Bankruptcy versus Foreclosure Defense

    We also understand that litigation is not always the best option and can advise clients on the following alternatives to litigation:

    • HAMP program
    • REST report
    • Deed in lieu of foreclosure
    • Short sale negotiation

    Foreclosure Trends in Fresno County, CA

    As of February 2016, the foreclosure rate for Fresno County is approximately 1 in every 1079 homes. The top 5 zip cities in Fresno County that experience the highest foreclosure rates are:

    • 1 out of 448 for the city of Fowler
    • 1 out of 491 for the city of Friant
    • 1 out of 588 for the city of Miramonte
    • 1 out of 590 for the city of Huron
    • 1 out of 797 for the city of Parlier

    Data provided by RealtyTrac.

    At JT Legal Group, our foreclosure defense lawyers in Fresno will provide a smart and aggressive defense against the big banks, while maintaining close contact with clients. We will clearly explain all of your rights and options, and constantly update you on the status of your case. Call us today for a free consultation, so we can stop foreclosure sale in Fresno.


    Michael Avanesian

    Michael Avanesian primarily focuses in the field of corporate restructuring and litigation. Mr. Avanesian has a wide range of experience in Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases and has represented corporate and individual debtors, secured creditors, unsecured creditors, lessors, lessees, trustees and other interested parties in bankruptcy cases and related litigation.


    MAIN GOAL: Settlement!

    In general terms, fewer than 1% of lawsuits ever actually see a trial. In most cases, lawsuits are settled when the parties can agree to reach a resolution that is mutually satisfactory. Parties are free to settle a lawsuit at any time, and between any of the steps previously listed. In many cases, settlements can be reached even before a preliminary injunction hearing is held.