Defects in Car Design

Imagine driving down the road, enjoying your day, when you start to smell a burnt odor in the breeze. The more you drive, you start to realize there is dark smoke erupting out of the hood of your car. In utter shock, you quickly pull to the side and hop out of your car just moments before the fuel tank explodes and bursts into violent flames!

That nightmare scenario was due to a fuel system failure. This means the car experienced a post-collision fuel-fed fire, making the vehicle erupt into flames due to an inadequately designed fuel system or a puncture in the fuel tank. This is just one potentially deadly example of catastrophic incidents made possible by automakers’ oversight or error.

Although it would be terrible to ever encounter this mishap, it’s safe to say that here at JT Personal Injury our team of expert injury attorneys can help protect your rights in the event of such a disaster. Two main factors that may contribute to this “Product Liability” lawsuit are:

  • Design Defect: when a product fails to serve its purpose, risks damage to property, or causes injury to the user. example: A poorly designed accelerator pedal that sticks or the lack of steel encasing around a hybrid car battery.
  • Assembly Defect: when a product is assembled using damaged or improper materials.
    example: brake pads on a delivery truck crack during installation and later fail (malfunction) in heavy traffic.

Nobody wants to be involved in a scary or dangerous auto accident. When an automaker produces automobiles with manufacturing defects, they must pay for their unacceptable mistake. Craftsmanship with cars should be preserved to the absolute safest and highest quality given that the user’s life depends on it. Although you cannot erase the pain and damage involved in a dangerous event caused by a car defect, manufacturers are usually faced with two choices afterwards: recall the defective part/car and fix it, or pay off any accident-related lawsuits. If you have had the terrible misfortune of being part of a defective automobile accident, please contact our office for a consultation with one of our trusted, expert Personal Injury Attorneys.


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— Jack Ter-Saakyan, Esq.
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