Experts Warn of Potential California Mudslides with Recent Deforestation Due to Wildfires

Strange as it may seem for a state in the midst of some of its driest weather conditions ever recorded, some weather experts are further predicting that even despite these dry conditions California may soon see a surge in the number of mudslides and flash floods the state will experience.  This results largely from the...


The Most Recent Status of the Woolsey, Sierra Fires, and the Other California Wildfires

Even by the standards of the past two historic wildfire seasons, November 2018 has been a very, very bad month for Golden State residents up and down the length of California.  The wildfires currently raging across California have killed over 60 people, driven hundreds of thousands from their homes, and destroyed thousands of homes across...


Gov Brown Signs Legislation Allowing Utility Companies to Pass Wildfire Costs on to Customers

New California legislature passed and Governor Jerry Brown recently signed a controversial measure that would allow California utilities to pass on to their customers some of the legal costs associated with wildfires caused by the negligence of these utility companies. Under the measure, which was signed into law by Governor Brown on September 21st, California...

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