Reckless Driving Leads to Amazon Delivery Truck Crash 

A Dodge Charger collided with an Amazon delivery truck on Tuesday morning in Las Vegas. 

The crash happened on December 28th around 10:35 a.m., per reports.

According to witnesses, the Charger was driving northbound at a high rate of speed before making an unsafe lane change.

As a result, the vehicle struck the Amazon truck and became lodged beneath it.

The driver of the Charger suffered minor injuries and was taken to UMC.

In addition, the Amazon driver did not suffer any injuries. 

Nevada State Police also cited the reckless driver for failure to maintain his marked travel lane.

Speeding is without a doubt one of the leading causes in motor vehicle accidents, killing 9,478 people in 2018 according to the NHTSA. It was also a contributing factor in 26% of traffic accidents that resulted in death(s). The dangers of speeding include: 

  • Loss of control of vehicle 
  • Increase in crash severity 
  • Increase in fuel consumption and/or cost 
  • Reduces the effectiveness of protection equipment

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