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Fighting the Anaheim Canyon/Corona Fire

Around the afternoon of Monday, September 26, began a rapid fire along the Orange ” Riverside county line on the 91 freeway. While there is no current explanation as to how the fire started, it seems as though this fire won’t back down easily.

Evacuating the Premises

Shortly after the fire began, Corona fire fighters evacuated around 300 homes, all in which included around 1000 ” 1200 residents. Corona’s firefighting team also posted evacuation warnings on their twitter and website.

Nearby School Schedules

Along with the evacuation order, a number of nearby elementary, middle, and high schools were temporarily shut down this Tuesday, or minimized to a shorter school day.

Fighting Strategy

As the wind was blowing east towards Corona, firefighters had to quickly compose a strategy for relieving the fire. As of 11pm that Monday evening, the fire had already spread to 2,000 acres and was only 5% contained. Recent reports indicate the evacuation orders have NOT been lifted to the surrounding Anaheim Canyon and Corona residents.

Finding Shelter

Residents who were ordered to evacuate found shelter either in other parts of Los Angeles, or nearby like at the gymnasium of Corona High School. Apart from homes being evacuates, nearby freeways and lanes, and toll roads were also closed due to the bustling fire’s proximity. Though many have evacuated, at least one property was claimed by the Canyon’s fire.

Protecting Homes

Nearby neighbors who have been living in the area for years, have claimed they had never truly witnessed any fire problem before. Atop some roofs, you’d find willing homeowners hosing down flames from above. Much like these residents, fire rescuers were seen releasing flame retardant from their assisting helicopters.
When in the evacuation area of the Canyon’s fire, you’d feel faint from the thickness of the smoke. Silent sounds of nearby police cars or helicopters from above, the natural disaster may seem like a war scene.

A Helping Hand

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— Jack Ter-Saakyan, Esq.

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