Cancerous Water Invades the Small Town of Tulare

Tulare, a small California town about 200 miles north of Los Angeles, was recently impacted with a life-threatening change in water supply. In the past week, the 17,000 residents of Tulare received a notice stating their town’s water supply had exceed the maximum contaminant level, reaching 8 parts per trillion of Trichloropropane, when the maximum allowed level is only 5 parts per trillion.

Cancer-Causing TCP

For those who are unaware of 1,2,3-Trichloropropane, or TCP, the chemical is known to cause cancer and can also be found as a chemical that was used in soil fumigants throughout the 80’s. A 2009 EPA study divulged that 1,2,3-TCP produced cancer in animals. The water contamination most likely arose from soil purifiers used in previous years that make their way into the water wells. In addition, it may come to no surprise to find that the agriculture-centered areas of the state have the highest amounts of contamination, since farmers utilized fumigants from Dow and Shell.

Implementing the Change

Officials will implement special filtration technology in hopes of reducing or completely eliminating the carcinogen from water wells. Unfortunately, residents of Tulare may also be surprised to find the city’s 6 water wells have all tested positive for TCP. Utility Manager, Tim Doyle, had also mentioned that there would be a 1-in-100,000 chance of someone getting cancer from consuming too much of the contaminated water.

Restoring Healthy Water

City officials have stated it may take up to 3 years to completely clear the cancer-contaminated water levels. Though inefficient in time, the city has also claimed that they will install water treatment tanks which inhabit granulated, activated carbon that may (in time) eliminate the dreaded TCP. These new installments will include two large storage tanks as well as three new wells. The city will receive $14 million to repair their water, as well as 3 separate payments of $1 million dollars. Though contributions have been made, it will still take up to 3 years in order to complete the cleanse.

Taking Action

Individuals who are skeptical about consuming their local water supply, are strongly urged to speak with their personal physician for additional health advice. For those who are experiencing illness from the carcinogenic water, it’s highly advised to speak with a trusted attorney to defend your rights and gain proper recovery options for you. Here, an attorney may be able to help you pursue litigation against the at-fault source, as well as consider the next best legal option for you, including a class action lawsuit with other residents who may have also been affected by the local carcinogen. For any questions you may have, or for trusted legal assistance, contact our firm immediately. A member of our team will happily discuss your next best option.


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