California Becomes 1st State to Mandate Solar Panels

California Becomes 1st State to Mandate Solar Panels

Beginning 2020, all new homes in California must have solar panels installed. This only applies to new developments, like houses and low-rise apartment buildings. Properties that are in generally shady atmospheres, however, will be exempt from this state-wide mandate. Though there are some residential requirements for solar panels, like San Francisco or South Miami, California becomes the first state ever to completely regulate this solar-powered requirement.

Finalizing the Mandate

While the regulation was approved Wednesday, May 9th, by the California Energy Commission, the Building Standards Commission still needs to approve the overall mandate. The mandate was unanimously accepted with a vote of 5-0 by the California Energy Commission. In addition, the new requirement states that builders should take one of two steps:

    1. Make single homes available with installed solar panels; or
    2. Build a shared solar-panel system that will serve a community group of homes

Increasing Housing Costs

The addition to solar panel installment is expected to increase the cost of a home by $8,000 – $12,000. While this may be beneficial for our overall home, planet earth, this may spark additional conflict with California’s already-rising housing costs. Given the fact that California builds over 100,000 housing units a year and only 15% of these homes have solar power, many new homeowners will be introduced with another additional cost. Another thing these California homeowners must keep in mind is the leftover electricity costs. Those who are unable to transfer to solar power may be prompted to pay more of the leftover electricity costs.

SOURCE: Bloomberg

Solar Stock Increase

With the new advancement in Solar Energy, CNBC reported the sudden rise industry stocks with the nation’s most populous solar companies. Though these solar advancements may benefit us in the long run, as well as reducing our carbon footprint, many often consider the “now” problem with rising costs for these solar installments. Once one sets aside the thought of costs, in time, ventilation systems, indoor air quality and commercial buildings may be energy-efficient, as well.

Solar Benefits

We must think of what’s best for ourselves in the long-run. In some California counties, you can even get a discount on your electricity bill if you own an electric car. Who knows! Perhaps the more solar power panels are installed, the more benefits may reap our state. By doing the right thing now, we may save ourselves from potential disaster, later.

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