Vehicle Hit and Injured Bicyclist in Arcata

The bicycle accident took place at around 3:35 p.m. on October 21st in on Sunset Drive, near Forest Avenue. 

According to reports, an unidentified woman was riding a bike when a truck hit her on the road. 

The woman sustained minor injuries and was treated by an ambulance who responded to the scene. 

Traffic was also impacted in the area as crews worked on the scene. 

Investigators are working to determine what may have factored into the collision. 

Similar to motorcyclists, bicyclists are just as vulnerable on the roads. According to the NHTSA, 30% of bicycle accident injuries occur when hit by a vehicle. In addition, these injuries are often the result of the driver not paying attention. 

Another issue that factors into bicycle and vehicle accidents is the fact that both parties are  not fully aware of their rights/responsibilities on the road. Who has the right of way? Drivers are also not always knowledgeable of when to yield. When a driver fails to yield, more of these accidents are likely to occur. 

Because of the various dangers bicyclists face on the road, it is important that they possess all protection equipment. 

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