Traffic Collision at West 170th Street and Highway 138

Two vehicles collided in Antelope Valley on Saturday, September 17th, leaving 8 people injured. 

The accident occurred around 3 in the afternoon at the intersection of West 170th Street and Highway 138. 

A southbound Audi failed to stop at a stop sign, causing a collision with an eastbound minivan. 

A total of 8 people occupied the minivan at the time of the crash. 

Due to the impact, one person was left with critical injuries, four others with major injuries, and two with moderate injuries. 

The injured parties, along with the Audi driver, were hospitalized for treatment. 

Police shut down the intersection for a period of time following the crash.

The crash remains under investigation.

Statistics have shown that approximately 70% of motor-vehicle accidents are a result of stop sign violations. These accidents often happen at an angle rather than head on and about one-third result in some sort of injury. 

Although stop signs are in place to prevent accidents, unfortunately not everyone adheres. This is why it is essential to always pay attention and avoid any distractions on the road. 

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