$515,000 Settled From a Rideshare Vehicle Accident

Anaheim, CA. October 2022: JT Legal Group, a law corporation specializing in personal injury successfully secured $515,000 from a rideshare vehicle accident.

This litigation arose out of a collision which occurred in December 2018. JT Legal Group’s client was a passenger in a rideshare vehicle waiting to turn left at a left turn lane. As the rideshare driver proceeded through the intersection, JT Legal Group’s client noticed a car speeding straight towards their vehicle. Before she could gather a thought to say something, they were violently struck on the passenger side.

The impact of the collision was so forceful it caused their vehicle to emit smoke. JT Legal Group’s client fell out onto the street due to her forcing herself out of the car. When the paramedics arrived she was discovered to have had a concussion due to her inability to answer basic questions.

JT Legal Group’s client was transported to the hospital for further examination and was fortunate to not have sustained major injuries. Her recovery period for her injuries required a few treatments. She underwent a few epidural injections to help relieve. the pain in her spine and hip.

According to the National Transportation Highway Safety Administration, approximately 8,000 people are killed annually in T-bone collisions in the United States. More than 50 percent of all automobile accident deaths involve a T-bone style collision.

Litigation Attorney, Ani Megerdichian ensured her client not only received proper care but also obtained a settlement that was reasonable for the pain and suffering she went through.

When representing clients, the attorneys at JT Legal Group understand the physical and emotional toll an accident can have on an individual. That is why they ensure each client is treated equally when fighting for them, and it has led them to success by allowing them to secure over $2.2 billion in compensation for their clients.

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