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  • Amy and Marlene Lorenzo – Attorney Press Conference

    Apr 10, 2019
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    Amy and Marlene Lorenzo – Attorney Press Conference
    in Personal Injury

    Amy and Marlene Lorenzo – Attorney Press Conference

    On April 7th, 2019, Attorneys Jack Ter-Saakyan and Michael Avanesian of JT Legal Group, and Garo Mardirossian of Mardirossian & Associates, Inc., held a press conference regarding the status of Amy and Marlene Lorenzo, the two girls involved in a big-rig accident on April 4th.


    Jack Ter-Saakyan – Attorney

    Good afternoon and thank you for joining us. The incidents that took place on April 4th, 2019 were both tragic and heartbreaking. Our thoughts and prayers are with Amy and Marlene and with the family. We have and will continue to be with the family and be there through any difficulties. With that, I'd like to introduce Garo.


    Garo Mardirossian – Attorney

    All right, my name is Garo Mardirossian. I'm here today with family members to give you a status of what is happening with little Amy, and of course to discuss with you about the tragic death of Marlene. These were two little girls that were sisters, 14 and 12 years of age. They were on they were to school at about 8 a.m. in the morning last Thursday, when a large truck ran them over. The tragedy of this incident is just difficult to comprehend and understand how it is that it happened, but we're gonna get to the bottom of it as soon as we can. These little girls were special children. The two of them were like twins. There were only two years apart and they were under way to Clinton elementary school when this incident occurred. They were in the middle of a crosswalk but on their way to Clinton and there's a crosswalk that they were using. They were in the middle of that crosswalk and in the second lane, when the large tractor-trailer (it's a dump trailer) made a wide right turn and ran them over.

    But let me just give you a quick little background as to who these little girls are. Like I say they're like twins. They did everything together. You'll see some of these pictures where they're studying, laying on their back with their homework in front of them in bed, they were both very, very good students, honor roll students. They were accepted to all sorts of different categories of higher education for their future advancement and they were both loving children of their siblings and of their parents. You see what Marlene wanted to do was grow up and become either a midwife an obstetrician or an engineer. Now all those dreams have vanished, extinguished by the really horrible act of the truck driver and I think there's more than just a truck driver here that contributed to this tragic incident.

    Well, Amy also has dreams and both these kids will hopefully you know, well at least little Amy will be able to follow her older sister's dreams and then when she comes out of hospital, she'll be able to do what her older sister wanted to do.

    Amy's condition is very grave. Amy's in the hospital now she underwent surgery. There were fragments of bone from her skull that were imbedded into her brain. The wonderful doctors at LA USC went in and they removed those fragments from her brain. She had multiple broken bones throughout her body that they're taking care of but those broken bones are not the real problem, the real problem is the brain injury. The brain has been so badly damaged that it's swelling and so the doctors had to put her in a medically induced coma. So, she can't talk, she can't move mom and dad I met with them today are both at the hospital holding vigil hoping that any moment little Amy will be able to communicate with them. Move, do something. But for the foreseeable future at least the doctors think that she might have to stay in this comatose type state which is medically induced for her own good. Because if they don't do that the brain will begin to expand and will begin to even have more damage than it already is sustained. We're hoping she can come out of this within a few weeks and be with us and be like I say follow her dream.

    Now the truck driver in this incident, witnesses have told us, that the truck driver at the time was looking down as though he's looking either I had some navigation device or a cell phone or speaking into his cell phone, because nothing else seems to explain why a truck driver sitting so high could not see two kids in a crosswalk, walking across from corner to corner and then to mowed him down and then to tell people “hey, I didn't even know they was there. I didn't know I ran them over”, until other drivers stopped him to say “hey, you got a child inside your wheel well. You've got a child that's on there on the asphalt dying.” He gets out and you see him in some of the footage that was captured by the witnesses coming out and what looks like flip-flops on a cell phone, and I assume in shock now we don't know for sure whether he had that cell phone while the accident occurred at the time the accident occurred or whether he picked it up later to call 911.

    And there are as I indicated many more contributing factors. One is that these kids are going to school. All of our kids have gone to school and walked across intersections marked crosswalks. And in most neighborhoods we have crossing guards, that stand there that makes sure that trucks and other vehicles can see kids and they don't run them over like this truck driver did. And so those crossing guards were a must and a necessity at this intersection which is the only crosswalk from corner to corner closest to the school. You could see the school just right down the road, the next block. These kids were doing was going to school.

    Now the truck driver claims that he didn't have any alcoholic beverage, that he was sober, that he didn't have any drugs in his system. And we'd like to believe that. But we don't know that for sure, because unfortunately many people these days do smoke marijuana and do take barbiturates take other drugs that are not easily detectable until we get a urine and blood test and we'll wait to see what the results of those tests are. There are other issues that contributed to this incident. Look we all drive now many of us do modern cars, that have sensors, that have sonar, they have radar. So, if there's anything within five ten feet of our cars there'll be some kind of an immediate notice that says hey you know look out for that there's no reason why these trucks that are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars cannot incorporate those kinds of safety devices within their electronic system that would have prevented a serious death, a serious injury to these two wonderful beautiful little girls. And these are the different avenues that we'll be investigating. There are cameras at different locations near where this incident occurred and once we get our hands on the footage those cameras will know better what happened.

    As many of you know, the police had the driver, I believe the driver if not a stand-in get into that same truck and make the same exact turn. Of course, you see that turn being made slowly it's very wide turn and there's a real question as to whether that truck even belonged in such a narrow street, the side street, and so you see and make this wide turn you look and you go everything is so visible how could this guy sitting up could not see two little girls in a crosswalk. And so that's why we are somewhat incredulous as to their representation on his own suggestion that he was not in any way impaired and that's something we'll investigate, and we'll keep you folks updated. Right now, the family is hoping and praying that little Amy will pull out of this serious critical medical condition and be able to be at the next news conference when we could show her to you and a wonderful recovery.

    However, because Marlene has passed, the family's gonna have vigils for the indefinite future at 7:00 p.m. every day at the location of this of this tragedy. So, folks that are interested in coming to the vigil please do. And we want people to understand that these are preventable accidents, number one because truck drivers should be limited as to what they can have in their hands or what they could have in their cab that might distract them. And this type of distraction as we could see is tragic and cost the life of a beautiful little girl and these are kids that you know were born and raised here they were living the American dream of getting education, excelling in school, and having dreams and becoming professionals and being real contributing members that our society, like their parents are. Their mom and dad as I indicated are at LA USC intensive care unit, hoping and praying that their little girl will come alive again and be able to walk and talk. But there are other beautiful little girl has passed and it's causing great sorrow and great grief.


    Michael Avanesian – Attorney

    I'd like to add that Amy and Marlene have a story and will tell their story in due time but in the meantime if the family can be allowed to mourn the death of Marlene and cope with Amy's healing we'd appreciate that. And if anyone out there has any additional information, we know there's a lot of witnesses some who came forward but then we lost their contact information, please look us up JT legal group, call us, let us know. (888) 529-3111

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    -- Michael Avanesian, Esq.

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